Playstation 4 Launch – Playroom 2-player Co-op HILARITY!


DSP and JOhn Rambo mess around with the PS4 on launch day.

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  1. such a little thing can bring so much joy and happiness to everyone's house … Good job SONY now bring on those Playroom DLCs…

  2. Wow.  It's painful to watch a couple of grown men not be able to follow the most basic, simple instructions being shown to them right on the very screen they are watching.

  3. lol, what if you are playing playroom then when you send all the little robots ouy, an earthquake happens? lol, that woud be funny

  4. I just got the camera today and I have been looking for this playroom app to use the camera. But I cannot find the playroom at all. Whre is it in the ps4???? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you.

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