Playstation 4 Console – “New” – By FocusDesign


Hello guys. This is the “new” playstation 4, everything u see it’s by my self. I used the cinema4D to modeling all (playstation/controllers/logos etc), and photoshop just for add some cc and flares 🙂
Please, leave some feedback, thumbs up, commentm i would like get some appreciation from you guys!

Hey people. I just wanna say to everyone that says that the disc can’t fit, it’s true, the disc doesn’t fit, but be original and creative. When someone actually does something like this, probably will not exist discs. For exemple, there might be a card instead of a disc… I just made this for fun and for school, because this was a job for Marketing and put here to share with everyone my vision of one PS4 in the future… You know what I’m saying? But thank you all for comment 😀 Love you all ^^




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  1. its a concept wich means its not gonna look like that when it does come out he just made what It would look like if It came out

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