Playseats Rule Home Gaming – Are You Next?


If you’re a gamer who’s crouching over your computer screen or monitor, immersed in a race, you probably hardly ever wonder if there’s a better way, just the adrenalin is enough. You go the arcade occasionally because its more fun than gaming from the couch, and automatically just plonk yourself in the driver seat of a machine with a steering wheel, pedals, gears, a big screen, and get racing without a second thought. It’s so much better!

Fortunately you no longer have to go to the arcade for that buzz.

Somebody who loves their PS3 and XBox almost a bit too much came up with a brilliant idea;

  • Playseats are the hottest gaming idea off the starting blocks. They consist of a form fitted racing style car seat reclined in a steel framework. The framework is fully adjustable for leg length, arm length, seat recline, and the addition a set of brackets down at your feet allow for mounting of race pedals for go fast, stop fast and clutch.
  • Up the middle, right where a car’s steering column would be is a long post with brackets at the top. This is for you to mount your game box, or steering wheel and even a gear shifter.

So, your playseat gives you a compact, light weight, affordable version of the video arcade seating position. No more racing from the end of your bed and falling off the couch on hairpin bends at Monte Carlo. Now comes the really fun part; a playseats evolution with accessories truly makes it yours.

  • Get your hands on a really awesome racing steering wheel.
  • Or, get your hands and feet on a really awesome package deal steering wheel. They come complete with digital racing steering wheel, gear shifter and alloy drilled foot pedals.
  • While you’re at it pick up some floor mats, sliding rails for even more seat adjustment and universal bracket kits for other game units.

Saving the best for last, and now that you’ve got everything you think you need, your playseat needs just one more thing, a Butt Kicker. No, it’s not from an S and M catalog. Butt Kickers accept sound input from your game, bolt to the playseat frame, and flood it with 90 watts of base sounds and vibrations as you race, just like the vibrations of a car in motion. The bass that butt kickers deliver can’t be beat.

Now there’s just a couple more things;

  • Charge your friends to come over.
  • Try to get them to leave.
  • Give up, start a club and race each other online from your own race cockpits.

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