Play PS4 games on two consoles with one license & sharing PS+ access


FAQ on PS4 game and PS+ sharing:
September 1st, 2015** For a newer and updated video of PS+ sharing:
I also made a video about how to share Xbox One games with a 2nd Xbox or Windows 10 PC –

I explain how its possible to play ONE purchased game on two different PS4 consoles and PSN usernames. Essentially sharing digitally purchased games and content between two consoles. As well as sharing a PS + access.

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  1. I have seen a dozen videos and you're the only helpful one! Huge thanks! My ex took the PS4 along with my purchased content and I bought a new PS4 and now idk how to get all my saved data back on my new console

  2. Willing to account share for Infinite warfare and infinite warfare alone, i have black ops 3 with all dlc's and destiny wil all dlc's and a ton of other shit

  3. i wanna know that if i do that and then i activate back my ps4 as a primary .. did the game will still work on the other counsel??
    cause i don't wanna be the one who need to be connected always to the internet

  4. hi,cami i have a question:my friend has an acount with gta v and gave to me his account,i make his account primary on my i have acces to gta right?but he can t because he has not his acount primary on his console,his gta its locked

  5. Here my problem help me So i bought 1 ps4 like year ago now my little brother want to play mine ps4 with my psn account that have all my game and stuff that save in there he want to play starwar and i play gta5 .So if i buy new ps4 and put in my room can i share that psn account and have all my game to play? or i have to make a new psn account and buy a new game disk thank

  6. So if you activate your PS4 as your husband account primary, does your husband still have access to his own games on his PS4? Can you actually play multiplayer (1 license on 2 PS4s) with this sharing?

  7. I just purchased a 2nd PS4 console for my boys and want to do this. How do i set up the 2nd account? Do i log into the original PSN account and just add a user?? Then do this step??

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