Perspectives on Watson – I Want The Answer


Experts discuss how Watson’s natural language search capabilities can benefit real world and real business solutions.

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  1. i know you probably don't answer questions but this if of my actual curious interest : is there a "do not perform any actions that might harm any living beeing"-directives in the code somewhere? :/

  2. @TaoriUTS Considering what this is (a question/answer system) I really don't think so. Unless you're afraid of a computer offending you.

  3. @masluxx you have to be able to think in order to know what is the right question to ask and you have to be able to understand to be able to apply the answer 

  4. exactely. imagine the conflict of "kill anything that threatens humans". technically it would have to kill humans then

  5. You're talking like Watson is a humanoid brain being held inside a computer with a set of laws it has to follow. This is completely wrong. You talk as if it was an intelligence that behaves like the animals we know, and therefore has an instinct to survive. It's not. And even if it were programmed to be evil, it couldn't, because the only thing it can do with its hardware is answer questions. Maybe you should watch this to understand it better: watch?v=3G2H3DZ8rNc

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