Google’s second generation Pixel: more for the fans

Google’s second generation Pixel phones are about to be launched. Expectations are high. But ultimately, Google doesn’t have to do too much to inspire fans. However, to be more broadly successful, it needs to do something else, something extra. Google really needs to devote itself to updates and developing a soul of its own.

There are 10 sorts of people: those who understand binary and those who don’t.

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Updates: Google can finally lead by example

Let’s take a quick look back at the contentious topic of system updates: In September 2013, Apple presented the iPhone 5S. In a few days’ time, this iPhone 5S will receive an update to iOS 11. Likely it won’t get all the features, but at least it will get some semblance of an update. In comparison, the Nexus 5, which was launched in October 2013 received its latest official Android M security update in November 2015 and October 2016. No (official) trace of Android Nougat or Oreo.

androidpit nexus5 problems 14
The Nexus 5 was one of the few affordable Google smartphones. / © AndroidPIT

So much has already been written about the reasons behind the update misery at Android (and I’m guilty of contributing to this plethora of complaining). However, the situation has changed in recent months: Project Treble can make a difference. Together with other manufacturers and suppliers, Google has created an interface (called vendor interface) that enables Android to access system drivers such as Qualcomm’s. The purpose of this is that for a large Android update, the chipset manufacturer (e.g. Qualcomm) does not need to release a driver update separately.

Project Treble can’t help in certain situations, like that encountered with Android Nougat, which excludes all smartphones that don’t support OpenGL-ES-3.0. However, such situations are rare, so the vendor interface can ensure that Android updates are possible without requiring help from the chip manufacturer. Google should be using this development.

google android update flowchart
Project Treble is designed to simplify the updating process. / © Google

With the second generation of Pixel phones, Google has to drive a more ambitious update strategy. Users are already a bit bitter that the Pixels are extortionately priced (even Nexus phones) compared to iPhones. With long-term support with two huge version leaps, they barely even cause a stir in the Android world (although the speed of delivery is a big plus). As of now, the expensive first generation Pixels will also stop getting updates shortly after Android P is released, so it will be yet another phone thrown into the abyss of yesteryear.

Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

Google has to extend the update period of its smartphones

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If Google really wants to solve problems in the Android world through its Pixel smartphones, there is no alternative: longer update periods are required. By the way, the argument that the performance of old smartphones is no longer sufficient may be valid for some entry-level smartphones from 2014, but a Nexus 5 would still be able to perform all tasks in everyday life today with a more recent operating system. There is no recent Android feature the requires the power/performance of a Snapdragon 835. Granting smartphones longer update support cycles means an environmentally friendly product policy.

AndroidPIt google pixel 9899
Google Pixel: The phone needs more soul. / © AndroidPIT

Nexus becomes Pixel

A few years ago, Google had to act: Patent wars were in full swing and Google was left almost empty-handed. So the mobile phone division of Motorola was quickly acquired, patents were acquired and sold to another buyer. Did Google have any real interest in rebuilding Motorola’s mobile phone division? Looking back, I think it’s fair to say the answer was no.

Times are changing and we have seen some hardware projects from Google stemming from various different veins: Chromecast was a surprise hit among the streaming sticks, Google Home brings the Assistant to your Smart Home and then, of course, there are the Pixel smartphones. Google itself carried out the hardware design and all construction steps and merely used HTC as a manufacturing partner. it’s also worth noting that the software has always been a bit more Google-heavy than stock Android since the Nexus 5.

AndroidPIT Nexus family group shot
Four Nexus phone, four Google beacons. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google will continue to follow this path with the second generation of Pixels. And once again, Google will have to deliver some exclusive features. Otherwise, David Ruddock of AndroidPolice’s assessment of the upcoming pixel smartphones will prove to be true.

Google will increasingly rely on its own hardware

So what should the next generation of Pixels do to become relevant for a broader market? Apart from longer support, which I’ve already mentioned, there are two things that are urgently needed: Google must hire real designers and give the smartphones a less simple look. Pitched against the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the LG V30, Google Pixel clearly wins the poor design award with its old-fashioned appearance and huge bezels.

AndroidPIT lgv30 vs note 8 vs s8 vs iphone 7 plus 9060
Google’s smartphone competition has more to offer visually-speaking. / © AndroidPIT
Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

The Google Pixel 2 phone needs to look nicer than its predecessor

What do you think?

Google also really needs to implement features that turn the monotony of Android into a smartphone with its own soul and character. LG and Samsung have succeeded, many other stock Android manufacturers have not yet.

Together with HTC, Google will apparently provide the new Pixels with edge-sense technology, which would at least mean one more sophisticated feature. In general, Google seems to want to intensify its cooperation with HTC. Rumors have been circulating for some time now that Google wants to take over HTC. Google is primarily interested in the design team. Keeping the old brand alive is only likely to be of interest for a transitional period. Instead, it might boil down to a matter of breathing soul into its hardware and HTC can certainly help with that.

androidpit google pixel xl 2017 android police
A promising render of the Pixel 2 XL. / © Android Police

Google will own its hardware, but it will not become Apple

The fact that Google owning its hardware is so relevant in the first place isn’t so much just for smartphones, even though control of hardware and software is very important. Rather, the growing network has led to a hen-egg conundrum. The Google Assistant and Google Cloud connect all sorts of devices, not only smartphones and tablets, but also TVs, smart speakers and other smart home equipment. Only with hardware like Google Home or Chromecast can Google build a platform that is attractive enough for developers of other devices. Smartphones, on the other hand, are an important control unit and provide a lot of valuable usage data.

AndroidPIT google home 7213
Google Home: The smartphone takes on a minor role. / © AndroidPIT

Without its own hardware, Google cannot make any reasonable progress with its own platform and will quickly be pushed into second place (i.e. loser). The tough manner in which the race for digital assistants is being fought is evident from the way that Google’s rival Amazon is pushing its Alexa onto the market – it too has a dual strategy whereby it has its own hardware and partnerships.

However, Google will certainly not do one thing: It will not become Apple. Apple is now developing its own chips, such as the A11 in iPhone X, and even its own radio modules. It would take years to catch up this lead with a chip of its own. I guess it’s better to work with Qualcomm. and make itself independent of its driver development (thus coming full circle to Project Treble).

apple keynote iphone x 40
Google will not become Apple. / © Apple

Google will present its future this Fall

I was already smiling when I heard the announcement last year: The Pixel event will be more important than any other Android event in the last decade. It certainly turned out to be different. The beta assistant was not yet overwhelming, the Pixels were ugly and boring. But at least a first step was taken. In its second attempt, Google can do a lot better and recent renders of the Pixel 2 XL are pointing in the right direction.

It may take a few months or years to realize how significant a change Google made last year. The Assistant, its own hardware and this later, perhaps even great design. Perhaps 2016 will have been a year of setting the course for Google.

Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

Google has undergone an enormous change

What do you think?

In summary: Longer update support is a must for loyal Google fans, more soul and character is a must for broader success.

What do you expect from Google’s Pixel event on October 4? Which innovations are you especially looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comment below!

Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

Google has to extend the update period of its smartphones

What do you think?

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Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

The Google Pixel 2 phone needs to look nicer than its predecessor

What do you think?

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Opinion by Hans-Georg Kluge

Google has undergone an enormous change

What do you think?

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There are 10 sorts of people: those who understand binary and those who don’t.

What do you think?

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What an AMD deal with Tesla would mean for Nvidia and Intel

AMD is cutting into Nvidia’s early lead in artificial intelligence for cars.

Jim Keller, a former AMD

AMD, -2.00%

chip designer, now works at Tesla

TSLA, -2.13%

(Keller also previously worked at Apple

AAPL, -1.39%

) The news is that Tesla is working with AMD on a new custom artificial intelligence chip at the expense of Nvidia

NVDA, -2.36%

To be sure, a Reuters report said there’s no formal agreement.

Still, let’s explore the dynamics among AMD, Nvidia and Intel

INTC, +0.40%


Please click here for an intraday annotated chart of AMD. The most important information for investors to glean from the chart is that the VUD indicator stays strongly green as AMD’s stock price traces an explosive move up. The VUD indicator is the most sensitive measure of supply and demand in real time. Typically when AMD moves up on news, the VUD indicator first becomes green and then turns orange. Green indicates net buying; orange indicates net selling. This happens because as the momo (momentum) crowd runs up the stock, the “smart money” typically sells into the strength.

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Please note from the chart that during the latest AMD price move, the VUD indicator stayed green throughout. There was no selling by the smart money into the strength, as has been the case in the past.

Ask Arora: Nigam Arora answers your questions about investing in stocks, ETFs, bonds, gold and silver, oil and currencies. Have a question? Send it to Nigam Arora.

Not a surprise

At The Arora Report, the news is not a surprise. It was anticipated for the following reasons:

• It is a good practice for companies to not become totally dependent on chips from one company. Companies often seek to diversify.

• It is only a matter of time before Tesla will be competing with electric cars from BMW

BMWYY, +0.59%


DDAIF, +0.24%


GM, +0.58%


F, +0.17%

and Toyota

TM, -0.19%

It behooves Tesla to develop its own intellectual property. Here Tesla is using AMD intellectual property to design a custom chip. In the process, Tesla will build significant intellectual property of its own.

• AMD had a relationship with an ex-staffer now at Tesla.

Financial impact

There is no significant financial impact on AMD and Nvidia.


Stocks often move on sentiment. The news boosts sentiment on AMD. The sentiment on Nvidia should be dented, but expect the effect to be mild as Wall Street analysts rush to defend Nvidia. Many Wall Street analysts have “buy” ratings on Nvidia, hence they are predisposed to defending Nvidia.

Bad day for Intel

The simple fact that, in spite of its significant efforts, Intel was not able to get in Tesla but AMD did, makes for a bad day at Intel.

Should you buy AMD, Nvidia or Intel?

The best way for investors to decide on which stocks to buy is to focus on potential risk-adjusted returns.

In plain English, it means returns in excess of those commensurate with the risk taken. For example, Nvidia could go to $250 but it could also fall to $90. As such, risk in Nvidia is fairly high. In contrast, the probability of getting the same return as Nvidia in Intel is lower but the risk is also lower. Intel also pays a nice dividend.

Nigam Arora on Tesla: Is the stock too expensive? Try these alternatives

The Arora Report provides clear signals based on risk-adjusted potential on these stocks to buy, sell or hold including buy zones, target zones, stop zones and appropriate quantities. All of the stocks mentioned here move on the news, and sentiment can shift on a dime. For this reason, it is important for these positions to be reviewed regularly, investors to stay nimble and have protective measures in place. The objective of investors should be to consistently make money and avoid the yo-yo of making money and then losing it.

Disclosure: Subscribers to The Arora Report may have positions in the securities mentioned in this article or may take positions at any time. All recommended positions are reviewed daily at The Arora Report.

Nigam Arora is an investor, engineer and nuclear physicist by background, has founded two Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies, is the developer of the adaptive ZYX Global Multi Asset Allocation Model and the ZYX Change Method to profit from change in trading and investing. He is the founder of The Arora Report, which publishes four newsletters. Nigam can be reached at

RoboTutor crew wins $1 million as International Finding out XPRIZE finalist

RoboTutor LLC, a Carnegie Mellon spinoff established by Professor Jack Mostow, was named just one of 5 International Finding out XPRIZE finalists for its RoboTutor program, academic technology that teaches kids primary math and looking through skills.

The XPRIZE opposition is making an attempt to deal with the acute lack of lecturers in developing countries by funding an worldwide opposition to generate open-supply Android tablet applications that allow kids ages 7-10. The objective is to allow youthful kids to discover primary looking through, creating and math skills without necessitating grownup guidance.

Each finalist crew receives $1 million. XPRIZE will now perform an independent 15-month, large-scale research to area-examination the finalists’ Swahili applications, pre- and post-tests 1000’s of kids in virtually 200 Tanzanian villages on literacy and numeracy. A $10 million grand prize will be awarded to the crew whose application achieves the best understanding gains.

The academic applications ended up established in the two English and Swahili and have the opportunity to enable an approximated 250 million kids all around the globe who are not able to go through, publish or do basic arithmetic.

“I have claimed it prior to, but it bears repeating — Jack Mostow’s do the job is the ideal case in point of CMU’s proof-primarily based tactic to carefully integrating technology and utilizing facts to constantly refine and enhance instruction, leading to better student understanding whilst supporting new discoveries in the understanding sciences,” claimed Richard Scheines, dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and leader of the Simon Initiative. “This is extremely interesting for Jack and all of Carnegie Mellon, and I would not be stunned at all if they finished up winning the full opposition.”

Mostow is a professor emeritus in the University of Computer system Science’s Robotics Institute whose analysis focuses on making use of synthetic intelligence to academic technology, especially for training kids to go through.

The RoboTutor program is primarily based on scientific understanding ideas in order to engage college students so that they discover the content and can then use it in other contexts. It is run by state-of-the-art systems, together with speech and handwriting recognition, facial analysis and machine understanding. It collects facts from its interactions with kids the two to allow cognitive tutors to adapt to unique college students and to allow modern facts mining equipment to constantly assess and refine its style and operation.

RoboTutor LLC licensed specific CMU technology and is utilizing it in the team’s opposition entry.

The RoboTutor technology leverages quite a few assets, together with its precursor, Mostow’s Venture Listen. In that project, an automatic Reading Tutor helped kids discover to go through by listening as they go through aloud. The tutor would suitable their faults, give enable with hard words and assess their development.

“It is really hard to set into words to reveal the gratifying sensation recognizing that your career’s do the job, which has helped 1000’s of kids so much, could now perhaps alter the life of thousands and thousands–even billions–of kids. XPRIZE and the RoboTutor crew have supplied me the possibility of a lifetime,” Mostow claimed.

The RoboTutor program includes hundreds of pursuits that deal with four information spots–looking through and creating, quantities and math, comprehension and shapes.

An additional distinguishing attribute is a facts-pushed style process that allows it combine with local cultures.

“Universal accessibility to training is a important priority for XPRIZE, and we are happy to celebrate the alter-earning groups earning impressive strides to assure each one baby has the possibility to acquire understanding into her very own palms,” claimed Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE Basis. “The leading solutions born from this opposition could give the key to unlocking literacy for kids most in want, accessibility an training they usually wouldn’t have.”


The RoboTutor crew is composed of about 100 CMU college students and school as very well as other authorities and college students from all around the globe, together with CMU’s Amy Ogan, assistant processor in the Human-Computer system Interaction Institute (HCII) and Judith Uchidiuno, a Ph.D. student in HCII Leonora Kivuva, an teacher in the University of Pittsburgh’s African Studies Program and 16 12 months-aged Vishnu Rajan Tejus, who was the initial to be part of the crew and is now having classes at Carnegie Mellon.

To develop into a finalist and acquire a $1 million prize, Mostow and the RoboTutor crew defeat out virtually 200 groups from 40 distinctive countries. The other finalists are CCI (U.S.), Chimple (India), Enuma’s Kitkit (U.S.) and onebillion (United Kingdom).

Watch a video of Mostow conveying RoboTutor and the upcoming methods in the XPRIZE opposition.

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not dependable for the precision of information releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information via the EurekAlert procedure.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power w nowej wersji

Parrot zaprezentował nową wersję popularnego drona Bebop 2 Power, w której wprowadził kilka zmian podnoszących jego funkcjonalność.

Nowy product o masie ,52 kg, ma podwójne wykończenie z błyszczącej oraz matowej czerni. Na jego przodzie znajduje się 14 MP kamera z 3-osiową cyfrową stabilizacją, rejestrująca obraz w rozdzielczości Full Hd i 30 klatkach na sekundę. Jest ona wspierana dodatkowo przez nowy program bazujący na SI, który jak zapewnia producent, jest w stanie identyfikować obiekty znajdujące się w kadrze oraz dopasować do nich ustawienia kamery. Aktywnym użytkownikom spodoba się z pewnością tryb o nazwie Cameraman, który śledzi ruchomy celu, automatycznie utrzymując go w kadrze.

Dron posiada także kilka trybów lotu, które umożliwiają wygodniejszą obsługę sprzętu i programowanie trasy, nawet jeśli pilot nie posiada odpowiednich umiejętności. Z kolei cztery zaprogramowane trasy lotu, pozwolą wykonywać wspaniałe ujęcia krajobrazu.

Dron posiada także kontroler Parrot Skycontroller 2, który łączy się z urządzeniem przy pomocy WiFi, zapewniając zasięg do 2 km. Producent oferuje także nowe gogle Copckpitglasses 2, umożliwiające sterowanie urządzeniem z perspektyw pierwszej osoby. W urządzeniu znajdziemy też większą baterię, zapewniającą obecnie do 30 minut lotu.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power pojawi się w sklepach jeszcze w tym roku. Produkt kosztować ma 600 dolarów, a w komplecie otrzymamy drona, dwie baterie, kontroler oraz gogle.

The Legend of Zelda Coronary heart Containers

The Legend of Zelda options 13 heart containers scattered across Hyrule. Eight of them will be received from defeating bosses an additional five seem in key areas across the map. This website page demonstrates the site of the excess five Coronary heart Containers for the First Quest, as nicely as the areas for the Second Quest further more down.

First Quest


Second Quest


How Peggy Whitson stayed in shape for nine months aboard the ISS

The human body, built as it is for terrestrial life on Earth, does not readily adapt to the rigors of microgravity. Half of all astronauts suffer from Space Adaptation Syndrome (SAS or, more commonly, “space sickness”) for the first few hours their missions, at least until their vestibular systems readjust to the weightless environment.

Fluid redistribution is another common issue. Since there’s no gravity for the body’s blood pressure to fight against, fluid becomes more distributed throughout the body — that is, it leeches out of our veins and cells. The human body can lose up to 22 percent of its plasma, the juice that carries our red blood cells through our circulatory system, and the results are not good. Especially when astronauts return to Earth. While still in space, the heart can begin to atrophy thanks to there being less blood to pump. This can lead to a condition known as “orthostatic intolerance”.


“When you lie down, stand up quickly, and feel light-headed, that’s orthostatic intolerance,” Don Hagan, director of exercise physiology at Johnson Space Center, said in a 2002 statement. “Your body tries to stop this from happening. It does so by increasing its heart rate and blood pressure to keep more blood returning to your heart.” If not, down you go. But exercise can help prevent fainting by increasing blood volume and circulation.

Back on-planet, the astronauts’ symptoms, unfortunately, will continue for a time. They may have difficulty standing for more than 10 minutes without fainting because all the leaked fluid will pool in their lower extremities (thanks, gravity), which results in orthostatic hypotension.

That fluid shift can cause other issues as well. It greatly increases the amount of intracranial pressure, flattening the eyeball to the point of potentially crushing the optic nerve. In fact, when NASA surveyed 300 former astronauts, 23 percent of the short-flight (sub-6 month) and 49 percent of the long-flight astronauts mentioned that both their near and distance vision had been impacted during their flights. And, for some, the issues continued for years after.

Astronaut Scott Kelly discussed his post-orbital symptoms at a recent NASA event:

After I got back, I’ve talked about just being really sore and stiff. My skin had not touched anything in 340 days except just your clothing. Anything it touched, it felt like it was on fire. I actually had some rashes and kind of discoloration anywhere I had contact. And then I kind of had flu-like symptoms for a few days. Had I not been in space for a year and I knew what this was, I would have gone to the emergency room and said, “Hey, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m not feeling that great.”

Perhaps most alarming is the rate at which muscles and bones, not just the heart, degrade when deprived of Earth’s gravitational attraction. “Among the biggest changes we see is in the skeletal system with bone loss, and the muscular system with muscle lost and strength lost,” Dr. Richard Scheuring, a NASA flight surgeon, told Engadget. “Those are the two things that really persist. The cardiovascular deconditioning missing just because you’re not working as hard. It seems to level off at about three weeks and we don’t seem to really get any worse.”

“We think there are also changes occurring that bone marrow that affect the production of red blood cells so you get what we call spaceflight anemia,” he continued. “But it doesn’t really have physiological or performance impacts and is pretty well tolerated among a healthy population.”

What does have a psychological effect on astronauts aboard the ISS is the speed at which they orbit: roughly once every 90 minutes. That breaks the day into 45 minutes of light and 45 minutes of dark and can cause some wicked jet lag. To that end, NASA is working with Harvard to study how best to counter the station’s insomniatic effects.

One such system, Scheuring explained, involves using ambient lighting of varying wavelengths. That is, the lighting will be further along the blue-green end of the spectrum to simulate bright morning sunshine which increases the astronauts’ alertness. “That blue light is the equivalent to a cup of coffee,” Scheuring explained. The wavelength then fades towards the red end of the spectrum in the afternoon to dusk hours to boost the body’s melatonin production, which helps us sleep.

Despite the current two-and-a-half-hour-a-day workout regimen demanded by the agency, spending six months in space can see the average astronaut lose between 11 and 17 percent of their strength, around 10 percent of their endurance, and two to seven percent of their bone density.

Before NASA introduced these countermeasures, astronauts were losing one to three percent of their bone density per month, Scheuring explained. “To put that in perspective, a 55-year-old postmenopausal woman loses one to two percent of her bone density every year.” What’s more, that discarded calcium winds up in the kidneys, in turn greatly increasing the chance of the astronauts developing kidney stones.

But that’s where the orbital gym comes in. Crews have access to three pieces of exercise equipment: a Cycle Ergometer (read: a stationary bike); an anchored treadmill equipped with a restraint system that enables astronauts to mimic the effects of gravity as they run; and the ARED (Advanced Resistance Exercise Device), a “weight lifting” system (to the extent something can exist in microgravity) that relies on flywheels and vacuum cylinders to generate resistance.

Thanks to these exercises, “our crews are coming back in much better shape, they recover much quicker,” Scheuring said. “Generally, if our astronauts stick to our post-flight reconditioning program and they’ve worked hard in space, within 30 days of coming back from a six-month mission, we can have them at their baseline numbers for strength flexibility and stamina.”

The ARED has been in service aboard the ISS since 2009 as the station’s all-in-one strength trainer. It’s flexible enough to accommodate every size of astronaut that’s been aboard and can generate up to 600 pounds of resistance. That draw weight comes from a group of vacuum cylinders attached to a flywheel, which simulates the inertia you feel when lifting on Earth. With the ARED, astronauts can work out all of their major muscle groups, either following a preset routine or simply choosing the parts they want to work on that day. NASA also recently instituted additional abdominal and lumbar exercises to address astronauts’ complaints of lower back pain.

But even with this state-of-the art equipment, NASA is working on ways to keep improving its crews’ fitness. The agency is currently looking at the benefits of high-intensity, low-volume exercise using the ARED, dubbed the Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Training Study (SPRINT). Currently, astronauts aboard the ISS spend six days a week lifting but it’s generally low intensity with lots of reps. SPRINT’s research team has found that cutting back to three days a week but pushing more weights for fewer reps “better protects against loss of skeletal muscle mass and function” than the existing regimen, according to NASA.

The study also found that interval aerobic exercises were more effective than continuous exertion at maintaining cardiovascular function. As such, the researchers have settled on augmenting that high intensity lifting with continuous aerobic exercise and then performing interval aerobics on the off-days.

This information will prove invaluable as we reach further out into our solar system, sending astronauts first back to the moon and then eventually on to Mars. Just getting to the Red Planet will take at least half a year and the last thing you want to be when setting foot on a new planet is a pudgy, atrophied space explorer.

OnePlus is Bringing a Number of their Applications to the Play Store

For a long time, OEMs have relied on pushing out OTA updates to bring new features of some pre-installed applications to their users. This allowed for those applications to continue receiving new features and bug fixes while still maintaining their system application status. However, a lot of them simply do not need to be installed as a system application so we’ve been seeing a trend of these OEM applications being uploaded to the Play Store. Today, OnePlus has announced they are bringing four of their in-house applications to to Google Play so they can push out updates faster to their users.

We won’t see a time in which OEMs will push all of their 1st-party applications to the Play Store, but it certainly makes sense for a lot of them. Using this new OnePlus announcement as an example, there just isn’t a reason for them to limit updates for the Weather or Gallery applications to OTA updates. This results in it taking the company longer to get bug fixes and new features out to their users and that can be a big deal if someone has been putting up with an annoying bug within the application.

The company is calling these Individual Application Updates and it is being made available for owners of the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5. This new transition includes the OnePlus Launcher, OnePlus Community, Weather and their Gallery applications. So not only should we see these applications updated faster, but the company should also be able to push out more updates than we’re used to.

Some users have already reported seeing multiple OnePlus apps suddenly update through the Play Store, but now we have an official list with the full roster. We’re told that the Launcher will be the first of these that receives the next update from the Play Store. They said this should happen later this week and it comes with the following changes. . .

  • Optimized home screen folder icon, with a preview of the first four icons in the folder.
  • Redesigned style to mark folders that have already been opened.
  • Double finger touch support, allowing you to hold an item while sliding on the home screen.
  • General bug fixes.

Source: OnePlus

When SpaceX laughs at itself while teaching how not to land an orbital rocket booster

The Great Indian Festival (21st-24th September) by Amazon is back and it’s more tempting than ever. This edition will cater to everyone, with offers on a range of products from electronics, home appliances, apparel for men and women, personal care, toys, pet products, gourmet foods, gardening accessories and more. With such overwhelming choice of products and a dozen types of offers, it’s not the easiest to find the best deals in time to buy before your find gets sold out. You need a strategy to make sure you avail the best deals. Here’s your guide on how to make the most out of the Great Indian Festival:

Make use of the Amazon trio – Amazon Prime, Amazon Pay and Amazon app

Though the festival officially starts on 21st, Amazon Prime members will have early access starting at 12 noon on 20th September itself, enabling them to grab the best deals first. Sign up for an Amazon Prime account to not miss out on exclusive deals and products. Throughout the festival, Prime members will 30-minute early access to top deals before non-Prime members. At Rs 499/- a year, the Prime membership also brings unlimited Amazon Prime video streaming and quick delivery benefits.

Load your Amazon pay wallet; there’s assured 10% cashback (up to Rs 500). Amazon will also offer incremental cashbacks over and above bank cashbacks on select brands as a part of its Amazon Pay Offers. Shopping from the app would bring to you a whole world of benefits not available to non-app shoppers. App-only deals include flat Rs 1,250 off on hotels on shopping for more than Rs 500, and flat Rs 1,000 off on flights on a roundtrip booking of Rs 5,000 booking from Yatra. Ten lucky shoppers can also win one year of free travel worth Rs 1.5 lakhs.

Plan your shopping

The Great Indian Sale has a wide range of products, offers, flash sales and lightning deals. To make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals, or lose your mind, plan first. Make a list of things you really need or have been putting off buying. If you plan to buy electronics or appliances, do your research on the specs and shortlist the models or features you prefer. Even better, add them to your wishlist so you’re better able to track your preferred products.

Track the deals

There will be lightning deals and golden hour deals throughout the festival period. Keep track to avail the best of them. Golden-hour deals will be active on the Amazon app from 9.00pm-12.00am, while Prime users will have access to exclusive lightning deals. For example, Prime-only flash sales for Redmi 4 will start at 2.00pm and Redmi 4A at 6.00pm on 20th, while Nokia 6 will be available at Rs 1,000 off. There will be BOGO Offers (Buy One Get One free) and Bundle Offers (helping customers convert their TVs to Smart TVs at a fraction of the cost by using Fire TV Stick). Expect exclusive product launches from brands like Xiaomi (Mi Band 2 HRX 32 GB), HP (HP Sprocket Printer) and other launches from Samsung and Apple. The Half-Price Electronics Store (minimum 50% off) and stores offering minimum Rs 15,000 off will allow deal seekers to discover the top discounts.

Big discounts and top picks

The Great Indian Festival is especially a bonanza for those looking to buy electronics and home appliances. Consumers can enjoy a minimum of 25% off on washing machines, 20% off on refrigerators and 20% off on microwaves, besides deals on other appliances. Expect up to 40% off on TVs, along with No-Cost EMI and up to Rs 20,000 off on exchange.

Home Appliances

Our top picks for washing machines are Haier 5.8 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading at 32% off, and Bosch Fully Automatic Front Loading 6 Kg and 7 Kg, both available at 27% discount. Morphy Richards 20 L Microwave Oven will be available at a discount of 38%.

Our favorite pick on refrigerators is the large-sized Samsung 545 L at 26% off so you can save Rs 22,710.

There are big savings to be made on UV water purifiers as well (up to 35% off), while several 5-star ACs from big brands will be available at greater than 30% discount. Our top pick is the Carrier 1.5 Ton 5-star split AC at 32% off.

Also those looking to upgrade their TV to a smart one can get Rs. 20,000 off by exchanging it for the Sony Bravia 108cm Android TV.

Personal Electronics

There’s good news for Apple fans. The Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch Laptop 2017 will be available at Rs 55,990, while the iPad will be available at 20% off. Laptops from Lenovo, Dell and HP will be available in the discount range of 20% to 26%. Top deals are Lenovo Tab3 and Yoga Tab at 41% to 38% off. Apple fans wishing to upgrade to the latest in wearable technology can enjoy Rs 8,000 off on the Apple Watch series 2 smartwatch.

If you’re looking for mobile phones, our top deal pick is the LG V20 at Rs 24,999, more than Rs 5000 off from its pre-sale price.

Power banks always come in handy. Check out the Lenovo 13000 mAh power bank at 30% off.

Home printers are a good investment for frequent flyers and those with kids at home. The discounted prices of home printers at the festival means you will never worry about boarding passes and ID documents again. The HP Deskjet basic printer will be available for Rs 1,579 at 40% off and multi-function (printer/ scanner/ Wi-Fi enabled) printers from HP Deskjet and Canon will also available at 33% off.

The sale is a great time to buy Amazon’s native products. Kindle E-readers and Fire TV Stick will be on sale with offers worth Rs 5,000 and Rs 1,000 respectively.

The Amazon Fire Stick
The Amazon Fire Stick

For those of you who have a bottomless collection of movies, music and photos, there is up to 60% off on hard drives and other storage devices. Our top picks are Rs 15,000 and Rs 12,000 off on Seagate Slim 5TB and 4TB hard drives respectively, available from 8.00am to 4.00pm on 21st September.

The sale will see great discounts of up to 60% off on headphones and speakers from the top brands. The 40% off on Bose QC 25 Headphones is our favourite. Top deals are on Logitech speakers with Logitech Z506 Surround Sound 5.1 multimedia Speakers at 60% off and the super compact JBL Go Portable Speaker at 56% off!

Other noteworthy deals

Cameras (up to 55% off) and camera accessories such as tripods, flash lights etc. are available at a good discount. Home surveillance cameras too will be cheaper. These include bullet cameras, dome cameras, simulated cameras, spy cameras and trail and game cameras.

For home medical supplies and equipment, keep an eye on the grooming and personal care section. Weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, body fat monitors etc. will be available at a cheaper price.

The sale is also a good time to invest in home and kitchen supplies. Mixer-grinders and juicers could see lightning deals. Don’t ignore essentials like floor mops with wheels, rotating mop replacements, utensils, crockery etc. Tupperware sets, for example, will be more affordable. There are attractive discounts on bags, especially laptop bags, backpacks, diaper bags and luggage carriers.

Interesting finds

While Amazon is extremely convenient for need-based shopping and daily essentials, it is also full of hidden treasures. During the festival, you can find deals on telescopes, polaroid cameras, smoothie makers, gym equipment, gaming consoles and more. So you’ll be able to allow yourself some indulgences!

Small shopping

If you have children, the festival is good time to stock up on gifts for Diwali, Christmas, return gifts etc. On offer are gaming gadgets such as Xbox, dough sets, Touching Tom Cat, Barbies, classic board games such as Life and more. There are also some products that you don’t really need, but kind of do too, such as smartphone and tablet holders, magnetic car mounts for smartphones and mobile charging station wall stands. If you’re looking for enhanced functionality in daily life, do take a look at the Amazon Basics page. On it you’ll find USB cables, kitchen shears, HDMI cables, notebooks, travel cases and other useful things you don’t realise you need.

Check-out process and payment options

Amazon is also offering an entire ecosystem to make shopping more convenient and hassle-free. For the festival duration, Amazon is offering No-Cost EMIs (zero interest EMIs) on consumer durables, appliances and smartphones, plus exchange schemes and easy installation services in 65 cities. HDFC card holders can avail additional 10% cashback on HDFC credit and debit cards. Customers will also get to “Buy Now and Pay in 2018” with HDFC Credit Cards, as the bank offers a 3 Month EMI Holiday during the days of the sale. Use Amazon Pay balance for fast and easy checkouts, quicker refunds and a secured shopping experience.

Sales are fun and with The Great Indian Festival offering big deals on big brands, it definitely calls for at least window shopping. There’s so much more than the above categories, like minimum 50% off on American Tourister luggage! To start the treasure hunt, click here.

This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of and not by the Scroll editorial team.

Four Halo games now playable on Xbox One via backward compatibility

BattleBlock Theater Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Bejeweled 2 Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Bellator: MMA Onslaught Arcade 345 Games 11/9/2015 Beyond Good & Evil HD Arcade Ubisoft 11/9/2015 Blood of the Werewolf Arcade Midnight City 11/9/2015 BloodRayne: Betrayal Arcade Majesco Entertainment 11/9/2015 Borderlands Games On Demand 2K Games 11/9/2015 Braid Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Call of Juarez Gunslinger Arcade Ubisoft 11/9/2015 Carcassonne Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Castle Crashers Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 CastleStorm Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Arcade Konami 11/9/2015 Centipede & Millipede Arcade Atari 11/9/2015 Condemned: Criminal Origins Games On Demand Sega 11/9/2015 Counter-Strike: GO Arcade Valve Corporation 11/9/2015 Crazy Taxi Arcade Sega 11/9/2015 Dark Souls Games On Demand Bandai Namco 11/9/2015 Dark Void Games On Demand Capcom 11/9/2015 Deadliest Warrior: Legends Arcade 345 Games / Spike Games 11/9/2015 Defense Grid: The Awakening Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Games On Demand SQUARE ENIX 11/9/2015 Dirt 3 Games On Demand Codemasters 11/9/2015 Dirt Showdown Games On Demand Codemasters 11/9/2015 Discs of Tron Arcade Disney Interactive Studios 11/9/2015 Doom Arcade Bethesda Softworks 11/9/2015 Doom 2 Arcade Bethesda Softworks 11/9/2015 Doritos Crash Course Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Dungeon Siege 3 Games On Demand Square Enix 11/9/2015 Earthworm Jim HD Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Fable 2 Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Fable 3 Games On Demand Microsoft Game Studios 11/9/2015 Fallout 3 Games On Demand Bethesda Softworks 11/9/2015 Feeding Frenzy Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Arcade PopCap Games 11/9/2015 Galaga Arcade Namco Bandai 11/9/2015 Gears of War Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Gears of War 2 Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Gears of War 3 Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Gears of War: Judgment Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Geometry Wars Evolved Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Golden Axe Arcade Sega 11/9/2015 Grid 2 Games On Demand Codemasters 11/9/2015 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (disc only) Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 9/21/2017 Halo 3 Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 9/21/2017 Halo 3: ODST Campaign Edition Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 9/21/2017 Halo 4 Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 9/21/2017 Halo Wars Games On Demand Microsoft 11/9/2015 Halo: Reach Games On Demand Microsoft Game Studios 11/9/2015 Halo: Spartan Assault Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Hardwood Backgammon Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Hardwood Hearts Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Hardwood Spades Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Heavy Weapon Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Hexic HD Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Hydro Thunder Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Ikaruga Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Iron Brigade Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Arcade D3Publisher 11/9/2015 Jetpac Refuelled Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Joy Ride Turbo Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Just Cause 2 Games On Demand Square Enix 11/9/2015 Kameo: Elements of Power Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Kane & Lynch 2 Games On Demand Square Enix Ltd 11/9/2015 Left 4 Dead 2 Games On Demand Electronic Arts 11/9/2015 Lego Batman Games on Demand Warner Bros. Interactive 11/9/2015 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Games On Demand Disney Interactive Studios 11/9/2015 LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Games On Demand Disney Interactive Studios 11/9/2015 Lode Runner Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Lumines Live! Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Mass Effect Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Metal Slug 3 Arcade SNK PLAYMORE 11/9/2015 Metal Slug XX Arcade SNK PLAYMORE 11/9/2015 Might & Magic Clash of Heroes Arcade Ubisoft 11/9/2015 Mirror’s Edge Games On Demand Electronic Arts 11/9/2015 Missile Command Arcade Atari 11/9/2015 Monday Night Combat Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Arcade Disney Interactive Studios 11/9/2015 Monkey Island: Special Edition Arcade Disney Interactive Studios 11/9/2015 Motocross Madness Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Bandai Namco 11/9/2015 Ms. Splosion Man Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Mutant Blobs Attack!!! Arcade Midnight City 11/9/2015 N+ Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Arcade Electronic Arts 11/9/2015 NiGHTS into dreams… Arcade Sega 11/9/2015 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Games On Demand Codemasters 11/9/2015 Pac-Man Arcade Bandai Namco 11/9/2015 Pac-Man: Championship Edition Arcade Bandai Namco 11/9/2015 Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX+ Arcade Bandai Namco 11/9/2015 Peggle Arcade PopCap Games, Inc. 11/9/2015 Perfect Dark Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Perfect Dark Zero Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Arcade Mages. 11/9/2015 Pinball FX Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Plants vs. Zombies Arcade PopCap 11/9/2015 Portal: Still Alive Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Prince of Persia Arcade Ubisoft 11/9/2015 Putty Squad Arcade System 3 Software Ltd 11/9/2015 R-Type Dimensions Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Rayman 3 HD Arcade Ubisoft 11/9/2015 Sacred 3 Games On Demand Deep Silver 11/9/2015 Sacred Citadel Arcade Deep Silver 11/9/2015 Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Sam & Max Save the World Arcade Microsoft Studios 11/9/2015 Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co. Arcade Sega 11/9/2015 Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe Arcade Sega 11/9/2015 Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World Arcade Sega 11/9/2015 Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage Arcade Sega 12/16/2015 Shadow Complex Arcade Microsoft Studios 12/17/2015 Skullgirls Arcade MarvelousAQL 12/17/2015 Small Arms Arcade Microsoft Studios 12/17/2015 Sonic CD Arcade Sega 12/17/2015 Sonic The Hedgehog Arcade Sega 12/17/2015 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Arcade Sega 12/17/2015 Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Arcade Sega 12/17/2015 Soul Calibur 2 HD Arcade Bandai Namco 12/17/2015 Soulcalibur Arcade Bandai Namco 12/17/2015 South Park: The Stick of Truth Games On Demand Ubisoft 12/17/2015 Space Giraffe Arcade Microsoft Studios 12/17/2015 Spelunky Arcade Microsoft Studios 12/17/2015 Splosion Man Arcade Microsoft Studios 12/17/2015 Super Meat Boy Arcade Microsoft Studios 12/17/2015 Supreme Commander 2 Games On Demand Square Enix 12/17/2015 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Games On Demand Bandai Namco 12/17/2015 Age of Booty Arcade Capcom 1/21/2016 Alan Wake Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 1/21/2016 Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Arcade Microsoft Studios 1/21/2016 Alien Hominid HD Arcade Microsoft Studios 1/21/2016 Assassin’s Creed Games On Demand Ubisoft 1/21/2016 Assassin’s Creed 2 Games On Demand Ubisoft 1/21/2016 Asteroids & Deluxe Arcade Atari 1/21/2016 Banjo-Kazooie Arcade Microsoft Studios 1/21/2016 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 1/21/2016 Banjo-Tooie Arcade Microsoft Studios 1/21/2016 The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate March Arcade SNK PLAYMORE 2/11/2016 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Games On Demand CD Projekt RED 2/11/2016 Ticket to Ride Arcade Microsoft Studios 2/11/2016 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas Games On Demand Ubisoft 2/11/2016 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Games On Demand Ubisoft 2/15/2016 Torchlight Arcade Microsoft Studios 2/25/2016 Toy Soldiers Arcade Microsoft Studios 2/26/2016 Saints Row 4 Games On Demand Deep Silver 3/13/2016 Toy Soldiers: Cold War Arcade Microsoft Studios 3/17/2016 Trials HD Arcade Microsoft Studios 3/17/2016 Tron: Evolution Games On Demand Disney Interactive Studios 3/17/2016 A Kingdom for Keflings Arcade Microsoft Studios 3/21/2016 A World of Keflings Arcade Microsoft Studios 3/21/2016 Aegis Wing Arcade Microsoft Studios 3/21/2016 Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon Arcade 345 Games / Comedy Central 3/23/2016 Viva Piñata Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 3/23/2016 Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise Games On Demand Microsoft Studios 3/28/2016 Wolfenstein 3D Arcade Bethesda Softworks 3/28/2016 Zuma Arcade Microsoft Studios 3/28/2016 Zuma’s Revenge! Arcade PopCap Games 3/29/2016 Dead Space Games On Demand Electronic Arts 3/30/2016 Outland Arcade Ubisoft 4/6/2016 Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Arcade Gearbox Software 4/12/2016 Garou: Mark of the Wolves Arcade SNK PLAYMORE 4/12/2016 Gunstar Heroes Arcade Sega 4/12/2016 Doom 3 BFG Edition Arcade Bethesda Softworks 4/14/2016 Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine Arcade Majesco Entertainment 4/14/2016 Rayman Origins Games On Demand Ubisoft 4/21/2016 Altered Beast Arcade Sega 4/26/2016 Comix Zone Arcade Sega 4/26/2016 Double Dragon Neon Arcade Majesco Entertainment 4/26/2016 Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Arcade Atari 4/26/2016 The Cave Arcade Sega 4/26/2016 Frogger Arcade Konami 4/28/2016 Galaga Legions DX Arcade Microsoft Studios 4/28/2016 Jet Set Radio Arcade Sega 5/3/2016 MX vs. ATV Reflex Games On Demand THQ 5/3/2016 Texas Hold ‘Em Arcade Gearbox Software 5/3/2016 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Games On Demand Disney Interactive Studios 5/4/2016 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Games On Demand Disney Interactive Studios 5/4/2016 Dig Dug Arcade Bandai Namco 5/5/2016 Phantasy Star 2 Arcade Sega 5/5/2016 Runner2 Arcade Aksys Games 5/5/2016 Samurai Shodown 2 Arcade SNK PLAYMORE 5/5/2016 Sonic & Knuckles Arcade Sega 5/5/2016 Deus Ex: Human Revolution — Director’s Cut Arcade Square Enix 5/10/2016 Faery: Legends of Avalon Arcade Focus Home Interactive 5/10/2016 Final Fight: Double Impact Arcade Capcom 5/10/2016 Frogger 2 Arcade Konami 5/10/2016 Puzzlegeddon Arcade Tecmo 5/10/2016 Call of Duty: Black Ops Arcade Activision 5/17/2016 Domino Master Arcade Microsoft Studios 5/24/2016 DuckTales: Remastered Arcade Capcom 5/24/2016 Hexic 2 Arcade Microsoft Studios 5/24/2016 Magic 2012 Arcade Microsoft Studios 5/24/2016 Unbound Saga Arcade Activision 5/24/2016 XCOM: Enemy Unknown Games On Demand 2K Games 5/24/2016 SSX Games On Demand EA Sports 5/26/2016 Anomaly Warzone Earth Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/7/2016 Aqua Arcade Xbox Live Arcade 6/7/2016 Lazy Raiders Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/7/2016 Foul Play Arcade Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd. 6/9/2016 Monopoly Plus Games On Demand Ubisoft 6/9/2016 Sega Bass Fishing Arcade Sega 6/9/2016 XCOM: Enemy Within Games On Demand 2K 6/9/2016 Babel Rising (not avail in Xbox 360 store) Arcade Ubisoft 6/16/2016 Brain Challenge Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/16/2016 Brain Challenge Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/16/2016 Flashback Arcade Ubisoft 6/16/2016 Flashback Arcade Ubisoft 6/16/2016 Left 4 Dead Games On Demand Electronic Arts 6/16/2016 Left 4 Dead Games On Demand Electronic Arts 6/16/2016 Portal 2 Games On Demand Electronic Arts 6/16/2016 Portal 2 Games On Demand Electronic Arts 6/16/2016 Blood Knights Arcade Kalypso Media 6/23/2016 Comic Jumper Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/23/2016 Crystal Quest Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/23/2016 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Arcade Capcom 6/23/2016 Fallout: New Vegas Games On Demand Bethesda Softworks 6/23/2016 I Am Alive Arcade Ubisoft 6/23/2016 Joe Danger Special Edition Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/23/2016 Red Faction: Battlegrounds Arcade THQ 6/23/2016 Bloodforge Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/30/2016 Go! Go! Break Steady Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/30/2016 Gripshift Arcade Microsoft Studios 6/30/2016 Mars: War Logs Arcade Focus Home Interactive 6/30/2016 Red Dead Redemption Games On Demand Rockstar Games 7/7/2016 Interpol Arcade Microsoft Studios 7/14/2016 Flock! Arcade Capcom 7/19/2016 Half-Minute Hero -Super Mega Neo Climax- Arcade Microsoft Studios 7/19/2016 Tour de France 2009 Arcade Focus Home Interactive 7/19/2016 Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Arcade CAPCOM 7/21/2016 CAPCOM ARCADE CABINET Arcade CAPCOM 7/21/2016 CRYSTAL DEFENDERS Arcade Square Enix 7/21/2016 Fret Nice Arcade TECMO 7/21/2016 NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM Arcade SNK Playmore 7/21/2016 PAC-MAN MUSEUM Arcade Bandai Namco 7/21/2016 SONIC 4 Episode II Arcade SEGA 7/21/2016 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 4 Episode I Arcade SEGA 7/21/2016 Boom Boom Rocket Arcade Electronic Arts 7/26/2016 Syberia Arcade Bandai Namco 7/26/2016 Triggerheart Exelica Arcade Microsoft Studios 7/28/2016 Mr. DRILLER Online Arcade Bandai Namco 8/2/2016 NEW RALLY-X Arcade Bandai Namco 8/2/2016 NIN2-JUMP Arcade Cave 8/2/2016 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Arcade Ubisoft 8/9/2016 Shank 2 Arcade Electronic Arts 8/11/2016 Bomberman Battlefest Arcade Hudson Entertainmnet 8/18/2016 Call of Duty 2 Games On Demand Activision 8/23/2016 Joust Arcade Xbox Live Arcade 8/25/2016 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Arcade SEGA 8/29/2016 Forza Horizon Games On Demand Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft Studios 8/29/2016 Bejeweled 3 Arcade PopCap Games 9/6/2016 Deathspank T.O.V. 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Apple upgrades Safari for older versions of macOS

Apple upgraded the macOS Safari browser to version 11 this week, adding a feature that has drawn the ire of the online advertising industry.

Safari 11 can be downloaded to Macs running 2016’s Sierra or 2015’s El Capitan from the Mac App Store. Users can access that e-mart by clicking on the Apple menu at the top left of the screen, then choosing “App Store…” The browser upgrade should appear under the “Updates Available” section.

The browser will also be bundled with macOS 10.13, aka High Sierra, set to release Monday, Sept. 25. This week’s upgrade targeted users who will, whether permanently or temporarily, stick with the older Sierra or El Capitan.

Apple simultaneously supports three editions of macOS, but only one version of Safari. When the Cupertino, Calif. company ships High Sierra next week, that means it will continue to supply patches for the past two years’ worth of operating systems — Sierra and El Capitan — but will stop support of 2014’s Yosemite and drop Safari 10 entirely.

Those running Yosemite and Safari 10 should consider switching to an alternate browser that still receives security fixes, like Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox.

Although Safari 11 patched several vulnerabilities that had existed in its predecessor, the most notable change was the introduction of what Apple called “Intelligent Tracking Protection,” or ITP.

ITP automatically deletes some browser cookies — the small bits of code used by sites to “remember” previous visitors — to crack down on cross-site tracking. The practice has been widely criticized by privacy advocates for its use by advertisers to follow users from site to site, then bombard them with ads similar to those clicked on previously. Also, those cross-site cookies will be ignored after 24 hours (unless the user during that time has again interacted with the original site).

Groups representing online advertising blasted ITP in an open letter published in AdWeek Sept. 14, claimed that Apple’s move would “sabotage the economic model for the Internet” and asked the company to reconsider before “disrupting the valuable digital advertising ecosystem.”