din bezier waveforms demo

din is a Free software musical instrument for the GNU/Linux operating system.

Download your copy at http://dinisnoise.org

In this video you will:

* Use Bezier curves to sculpt waveforms that make your sound. Each Bezier waveform has its own unique harmonic content (look for Yellow levels, bottom right) and hence a unique sound.

* Specify the harmonics you want in your Bezier waveform using din’s Sine Harmonic Composer (Blue outline curve & Magenta levels).

* Make infinite undo-redo of waveform editing part of your music making dinjaness.

* Detune melody by simply extending the waveform’s period.

* Use the computer mouse like the bow of a string instrument to make phrases that you can loop, scratch, part loop – part improvise etc while you edit the Bezier waveforms.

Follow din on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/al_dinja

On Facebook search for Al Dinja.

NB: Audio quality is much much better live because there wont be any audio artifacts due to video making, syncing & conversion.

aatranslations Collaborates with IBM LotusLive

Working with IBM Business Partners Freshtl and Bricsys, aatranslations implemented a cloud solution based on the integration of IBM LotusLive Engage and Vondle Live to streamline the translation and review process used by hundreds of translators and clients in 20 countries by providing an easy-to-use collaborative workspace in the IBM cloud.

For more information, please visit

Natuzzi Group 3D Interior Design Configurator

The configurator allows for the creation of virtual rooms, which can be furnished – in real-time – with Natuzzi products. The end-user can then enjoy a realistic, real-time visualization of what the room will look like with the products chosen.

The viewing process includes the designing of the room, the placement of sofas and other furniture products, the 3D visualization and the avatar physically walking in the newly created environment.
The whole experience can be completed with a mouse or touch interface, with the user being guided through the entire procedure.

The application – available for Windows and Mac OS X computers – has a low learning curve, as it’s meant to be used by non-professionals.
An automatic update system and XML data feeds allow the company to release library updates that include new furniture products.

The configurator has also been personalized for the Italsofa brand of Natuzzi Group, specialized in young and dynamic products.

PlayStation 1 Startup (Long Version)

The long version sometimes occurs. Not very often though.

I’ve disabled comments because of you dumbass religious morons turning a PS1 start up into a religious debate while you SJWs attack me for criticizing this.. This is not a fucking church. Go cry persecution elsewhere.