NASA ISS : Aurora Australis from space

This video was created by taking the stunning images and videos from various expeditions on board the International Space Station.

It features a near nadir view of the Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean (among select others)

The Soyuz capsule can be seen throughout the video, as well as scattered clouds over the ocean, making it a very pleasant, ethereal experience.

All sound design & post production : by FullWrrks
Music by Chill Carrier : ‘Moving off ground’

With thanks to NASA and the ISS team.

Live long and prosper :o)

Echoes of Ground

Music By Australis
Video Animations Credit to: NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope
Video Created By : Annie


Nintendo – Better Together

2012 Advertising campaign ‘Design The Future Of Your Brand’.
Client : Youtube Spain
Agency : TBWASpain and YMEE House

For Nintendo, the keyword was ‘Better Together’

Thank you for watching 😉