5G: Orange will go into the field to explain the technology and respond to fears

It takes pedagogy, in the eyes of Stéphane Richard. The CEO of Orange deems the discussion necessary and promises that the incumbent will go into the field to explain 5G and address concerns.

5G raises fears, as evidenced by the intense debate which has taken hold of the political class, the opposition of NGOs, the strong opposition of residents to the appearance of the acronym 5G or the sabotage of relay antennas. Concerns revolve around health, societal and environmental risks. In an interview with Le Figaro, Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, obviously touched on the subject.

Stéphane Richard took the opportunity to recall that“It is not within the competence of mayors to ban 5G”. Pragmatic, Orange however intends to take on its role of educator and go into the field, with the organization of “5G forums where people have questions”. “A discussion must take place in the cities which request it”, conceded the CEO of the incumbent.

Stéphane Richard is reassuring about the fears surrounding exposure to waves: “For twenty-five years, more than 20,000 studies on the impact of waves on health have been carried out around the world: none has ever demonstrated a health risk”. And to add that “The 3.5 GHz frequency band, which will be dedicated to 5G, does not present any difference with the other frequencies already used in mobile telephony”.

Stéphane Richard invites cities not to “Take a radical stance on 5G”, at the risk of being penalized compared to those who embrace the new technology. He recalls that the new generation of telephony is the promise of smart cities, which are themselves one of the bricks of the ecological transition.

5G is not a short-term cash machine

On the air in Europe1, Stéphane Richard previously responded to accusations about upcoming price increases on packages. He insisted that 5G will not allow operators to make cash, at least initially. “It will cost us dearly”, indicated the boss of the historical operator, recalling the “Big check to buy frequencies”. And to add: “Ultimately, we would continue with 4G, which is a well-established technology, that would be better for us”. He also recalled the limits set by “The raging competition” in the telecoms sector. Without forgetting that the operators will have to launch “Offers that will appeal to the public”.

Source: Le Figaro