Parallels Desktop for Mac Review – Run Mac OS X and Windows at the Same Time

When you install Parallels Desktop onto a Mac computer, it is basically the same as installing any other OS X software. All you have to do is double click on the installer, while following the other prompts and then just wait for the installation to complete. Once it has been installed, you should find it in the folder named Parallels, which will be in the Application folder. What you can not see, is just what the program needs to run successfully; quite a number of additional programs and new folders. It will also have installed a kernel extension which is a tool used to modify the core of the OS X and is necessary for the program to function.

The best way to run this program is to do it properly and let it perform at its best. The only way to achieve that is to give it what it needs in order to function, and possibly more. Parallels needs 1gig of RAM to run on a MAC, and it will also allow the other applications to function correctly with the Parallels for Mac. Just to be on the safe side, 2gigs of RAM will be more than enough for everything to run smoothly and it is best if you plan on running numerous OSes simultaneously. It can run on 1gig of RAM but 2gigs is the recommended amount to have.

If you are using an Intel based Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac will be great for you. It can run with just about every version of windows, as well as with other accounts of Linux and Unix. Parallels Mac is said to be the best virtual machine system in the world, and that can easily be true looking at the performance of it and the fact that it does not even require that much to run, unlike many other programs that do similar to what Parallels can do.

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