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In this video I’m going to show you my personal mobile live stream set up for going live on Facebook or YouTube. Jump start your video campaign with my best scripts, templates, and tools:


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Welcome back to the where you’ll get a video marketing education that will make you so much money you’ll be able to join the Video Masters Academy and make even more – AHHHHHH!!! (FLASH SUBSCRIBE OVER THE SCREEN WITH THUNDER AND LIGHTING EFFECT. It’s an evil laugh).

Did you know All of my kids were born on live video through (Clip – TRUMAN) (On screen – clip from LIVE stream from old channel) No it wasnt that creepy. But you can see those videos if you want. Point is – I’ve been doing this since the beginning.

If you’re not live streaming yet that’s ok – but it’s time to get moving. Going live on Facebook or YouTube is the cheapest way to reach a targeted audience with video. Our video ads on Facebook are costing around 6 cents per view on average but our LIVE video posts are consistently at a penny when we promote them. If you wanna get 10,000 views – do the math.

So your organization needs to have a process for efficiently streaming live video on the web. Part of that process is having a title strategy -knowing WHAT to shoot- you can get my title blueprint for free in my Video Marketing Toolkit. The link is below. But today Im going to focus on the gear and the set up for going live on mobile. Let’s go behind the scenes to the Dress Rehearsal for the LIVE candidate Forum where I hosted a series of interviews LIVE on my clients Facebook page.

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  1. Great tips Owen. My favorite is the iRig mic. I didn't see your link for it in the description so let me know if I missed it. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Does anyone knows how to create a live that shows the likes and other emojis in real time ? I've been seeing polls using this trickery a lot these recent days !

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