OnePlus One Screen and Mid-Frame Assembly Replacement


A few days ago, I dropped my phone on the pavement, cracking my OnePlus One’s screen. While the it seemed to display things properly, the digitizer did not work so I couldn’t really use touch control.

After some investigation, I discovered that it was much better to replace the display, digitizer, and mid-frame all in one go rather than just the display due to light leakage issues.

This display cost me $62, although has them for $40.

Happy New Year!

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  1. anna i have a tutorial request if you aloud.
    i latley tried to change the platine-circuit board of my broken hard disk into a working hard disk to safe the datas and i failed the second hard disk worked fine before i put the platine-circuit board in and it can not be recognized anymore by my computer sry for my bad english maybe you can say why or make a video to this problem? would be nice all the best to you

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