Oneplus 3T vs Oneplus 3 – What’s the difference ?


The OnePlus 3T builds up on the OnePlus 3 foundation.A big upgrade for selfie-takers, the OnePlus 3T’s front camera jumps all the way to 16 MP. Unless you’re planning on printing posters of your selfies, this may be overkill, but we’ll reserve judgment for our full review.
it’s an affordable phone with the fastest processor available on Android and unlike other cryptic brands out of China like Xiaomi, it is actually sold in the United States and offered with a proper warranty and support. And yes, the OnePlus 3T supports 4G LTE bands for AT&T and T-Mobile, but is still not CDMA-compliant, so you still cannot use it on Verizon and Sprint.
Whats the difference:
There is a new gunmetal color option for the OnePlus 3T, replacing the gray on the OnePlus 3.
This is one of the biggest steps forward for the 3T, as it goes with Qualcomm’s late 2016 high-end silicon, the Snapdragon 821.
This is the second big upgrade for the 3T, as it gets a 13-percent bigger (higher-capacity) battery.
Both phones use OnePlus’ version of quick-charging, “Dash Charge,” which the company says does better than rival Android phones at maintaining charging speeds while playing video or games.

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