Oneplus 3T Rumors, Release Date and Everything you need to know


Oneplus 3T Rumors and Everything you need to know

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  1. I am not happy about the price increase and would be completely content with the OnePlus 3, but, unfortunately, it looks like they've stopped manufacturing the 3 so I have no choice but to get the 3T. That or the DTEK60.

  2. I think it's worth upgrade. 821 has vulkan api support out of box and with no issue. Where 820 is not very strong to handle vulkan api games and graphics. I will buy only for better vulkan api support

  3. I'm not happy about the 3T and not because I just got my OP3 a few weeks ago. I'm unhappy about it because if they're willing to increase the price over some small upgrades, what does that mean for the OP4 and beyond? The company was built on offering top specs at a reasonable price. If they keep going in this direction, they are eroding their appeal and at some point, people will just say screw it, at this price I might as well buy a Samsung.

  4. I need at least 4000mah. I'm using the OnePlus 3 right. it's amazing but this phone squeezes out around 3 hours and 45 minutes with using a lot of Snapchat , YouTube videos , texting and other social media apps. it's not bad at all if you think about it because other phones probably get around 3 or 2.5. but I would've loved to have around 4000 mAh if not more. I'm trying to keep my OnePlus as long as possible and then eventually getting a Xiaomi big phone they always have big batteries and screens. do you have any updates on the mi Max 2?

  5. So OnePlus has abandoned the whole get more for cheaper market and is now doing what every other manufacturer does: more for more. So much for OnePlus…

  6. hope it will be released in india soon

    and if its with optic amoled display then worth buying it (already have oneplus 3 )

  7. My wish list for the Oneplus 3T

    Better battery (fast charging only affected by like 5 minutes for a full charge)
    Doesn't explode
    Faster than the iPhone 7 (the google pixel has an 821 but it still failed against the iPhone 7, maybe more power in oneplus' 821 chip)
    4K display (where the processor REALLY needs to work hard, pushing the pixels on the display)
    I want something better than google now, maybe like Oneplus Assistant (OneAssistant? OneTouch? idk)
    Gorilla Glass 5 (or maybe even better)
    128GB storage option
    Better camera.

    Thats all

  8. OnePlus3 website:
    OnePlus 3T (64GB) = $440
    OnePlus 3T (128GB) = $480

    Fuck it, I have the money and I am in desperate need of an upgrade from my Nexus 5.Im getting this bad boy even if I have to stay all night until the website enables the shopping!

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