OnePlus 3T Review: T is for Turbocharged


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The OnePlus 3T brings a few key improvements to the tablet but what does the latest OnePlus flagship have to offer? We find out, in this OnePlus 3T review!

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  1. Guys: Display is not the same, it's a new one with better resolution. And the back-camera has a new, better sensor. Please update!

  2. difference between the 64gb and 124gb is 40$. Difference between the 32gb Google pixel and the 124gb is 100$+. Well done google.

  3. love the way you emphasize jack … people often take jack for granted till he goes for good in apple (stupid move!!)
    jack is so massively important personally i wont even look at a phone without it.

  4. There is a bit of misinformation tho, Video says the Gunmetal is the more expensive version, that's actually half true. The Gunmetal version is available for both the 64gb and 128gb. But the Gold version is available in only the 64gb version. Both colors are available in the cheaper version.

  5. I love the oneplus 3 but I have real problem with the LTE network, it's struggling to connect, how can I solve this problem?

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