OnePlus 3T Review: Better than Ever?


OnePlus is back with an even more powerful version of the popular OnePlus 3 that was released just five months ago. Is the OnePlus 3T a minor spec bump or should it be your next smartphone? Watch to find out!

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  1. Hey Great Review, Thank you.
    Just a quick question I'm having a hard time choosing either this phone or the honor 8(the very fact it has an SD slot) where as the oneplus for 128Gb cost $479, i might as well just an extra $100 and get the S7, just wondering what your thoughts were?

  2. Reviewers need to stop using any kind of filters in the editing process, while reviewing the look and especially display of smartphones. It's tricky, and inaccurate image of the device. For instance, during the display talk, it looks exactly opposite to the presentation as "really good", because of the filter. And, the display is actually good.

  3. y would u lie man? there is video showing the amount of battery usage this phone takes, it will hardly last u a day of heavy usage….talking abt two days?

  4. snap! my break room 🙂 irrrrrvineeeeee, technobuffalo located there too? think ill have to go for a walk around on friday and check the directory!

  5. 2 days of heavy usage… are kidding me…i have one plus 3….and it barely last for full day…..thank god i return it….now i will be buying 3t….hope it will have good battery…..i hope u r right…

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