OnePlus 3T Chinese version unboxing and review 枪灰色上线 一加手机3T全国首发体验评测#SamiLuo


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  1. how to write format for phone number in china website ??? my phone number is 4006318388 in shanghai it tell me wrong format ?

  2. It seems like it will be rather challenging for someone who isn't familiar with the process of flashing rom to make changes. I need to install Google on the Chinese version. The Chinese version is cheaper now. Actually it is having a sale. The 128GB is on sale for the same price as the 64GB version. If someone can put out a set of instructions for noobs like us then that would be great. I can read from the forums that people are having a difficult time flashing the Chinese model.

  3. i also have a Chinese 3T, how do i enable docks (that part on the bottom with the phone, messaging, email apps that stay when you scroll left/right)?

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