OnePlus 3T AnTuTu Benchmark vs iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 edge, Xperia XZ, Pixel XL, LG V20


OnePlus 3T AnTuTU Benchmark vs iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 edge, Xperia XZ, Pixel XL, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, Sony Xperia X Performance, HTC 10, LG G5, LG V20, OnePlus 3

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  1. I thinking about buying the iPhone 7 Plus becouse i want a fast Phone with a great camera and sofware. Would you recomend you recomend it over the others?

  2. On Android camp, Sony phones have the lowest RAM capacity, yet nearly outdone all Android flagships that has more. I believe if it had 4GB of RAM, it would kick the 3T's ass out of the way, and maybe even match up the iPhone 7's score

  3. I don't understand the obsession with water proof phones. It's a gimmick. The only electronic device I need to be waterproof is my watch coz I don't wanna take it off and on everyday to shower. My phone…… I just put the fucker down somewhere. Why in the fuck do I need my phone to be waterproof?? Btw, I'm writing this on my Oneplus 3T. This phone is a BEAST!!!! and I love it.

  4. nice vid bro ;D
    im going to buy a new phone and it should be Android which one is the best android phone for you?

  5. you can not compare IOS with android because the App coding and running environment is totally different. But anyway. I could buy 3 x oneplus 3T for one Iphone 7plus. And look at the detail results from this two phone. There is not much different between them in CPU GPU performance

  6. While the 3T is the best in terms of hardware, it has horrible RAM management out of the box. Mine is constantly using around 4GB, but it never slows the phone down, so I think that when it's necessary, the phone cleans some mess up. Great comparison!

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