Official Android 7 Nougat on Sony Xperia XZ


Taking a first look of the official Android 7 Nougat update from Sony running on Xperia XZ.

Some of the neat new features include:

Multi-window support – multitasking made easy; run two apps simultaneously and double tap to switch between each
Longer battery life – do more for longer, with improved battery life powered by Google & Sony Xperia
Messaging – more ways to tell your story with our latest Messaging app, enabling you to share videos and audio with a few taps
Manual camera settings control – all-new manual focus and shutter speed controls, now available for Xperia X Performance
Home screen – a smarter and more personal Xperia home screen, with Google Now integration

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  1. one thing I would like you to check… If you can see if the front facing speakers have gotten any louder or not? in dB if you have the equipment

  2. hey there hi, I wanna know how is the battery life on Xperia xz!! m a Sony user m currently using Xperia z5 and the battery life is very disappointing, so is the battery life batter on xz? like how many hours screen on time and daily use? I would be glad, help me out s little, should I upgrade to xz from z5???

  3. Hi there it is very helpful of you to post this video. I love the XZ design alot but some ZX users like me find out one minor problem with the phone. It would be really nice that can you confirm it for us please?
    The proplem is with the 'double tap' feature – 'Double tap to sleep' and Double tap to wake'… Lots of us are having the problem that Double tap to sleep works 100% but Double tap to wake do not always work? It took multiple Double tap to wake…. Unlike my old Sony Z3 work 100% with both Dtap to sleep/wake 🙁

  4. My xperia xz still don't have an update android 7 till now…. It's something wrong with my phone or anyone else also don't have android 7 yet?

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