NVIDIA Shadowplay – How To Use


A look at Nvidia Shadowplay and how to use it for recording your screen with a specific angle of recording at 21:9

How I record and edit:
How to use premiere pro at 21:9:

Nvidia Geforce Experience:

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  1. I sometimes have issues when I tell it to do "Ingame" I've had it record 1920×810 instead of 2560×1080.

    I'll see if I can log exactly what it does later and reply to this post.

  2. I prefere Action! (Mirillis), yes he cost few euro (in my case), and he also can record in 21/9 (2560×1080 for me) and the inpact, no difference for me (6600K+970). Shadowplay (by Nvidia with "i" :D) have for him to be free if you've got GTX but Action! detect directly my G19 (keyboard with screen) and for me it's a feature very important. The quality is very good to (I think better than Shadow), but he cost few money ^^
    (sorry for my english, it's not my main language ^^)

  3. I love your channel so much. Thanks for giving us ultrawide users a voice. I can't believe how many subs you have. Seems like last month you had less than 1000. Best of luck!

  4. I just got a 21:9 Microboard M340CLZ in the post from Korea. It's extremely competitively priced, beating the Acer X34 in many areas, even with specs.

  5. In BF1 I was getting 40 odd FPS until I turned shadow play off.. hmm wonder if its a setting somewhere? Seems to take a lot of my fps

  6. about the resolution setting: for me it was exactly the opposite!! it would not record in actual 21:9 when set to "in game" it just recorded at a strangely stretched resolution and not full HD at all. After setting it to "1080p" it is now recording at the perfect 2560 X 1080. Strange stuff. I love shadowplay for the same reasons you do, no performance problems and awesome video quality and file size especially because you don't have to record everything even if you don't need it in the end but just use the replay function on any time (I use it for 5 minutes usually) and don't fill up your hard drive. The latest big update did change some things the wrong way and I have noticed some performance issues on the software itself (not the game being played) but after all this is still the best I can imagine. Nice video btw as always 😉

  7. Whoa, how the heck did you get Assassins Creed Rogue to work in UW? I can't get that or Black Flag to work. Just runs in a very strange skinny UW view.

  8. I use Shadowplay too and I use the 2160p 4K option, because I tried it once and I noticed that option records all your screen even if it isn't 16:9. With this option I can get 130Mbps bitrate (which I don't use but I like to have that margin) and the videos looks like you are playing the game because the quality loss is minimum. I usually render at 50-55Mbps bitrate, but if I ever want to render to higher bitrate I could do it because I recorded at the maximum bitrate possible. If I record with the "In-game" option and sliding that bar to 130Mbps, the highest bitrate I can get is 65Mbps due to the resolution which is used to record the gameplay. When you record with the 4K option the recordings still are at 2560×1080 resolution in my case but this option unlocks that barrier that won't let me go over 65Mbps with the in-game option.

    I noticed too that if you have the in game option activated, you need to record at least at 4K to get real 130mbps. I recorded some videos in 1080p too and the recordings won't pass over the 50-55mbps barrier, so the bitrate with the in game option activated depends on what resolution do you use to play games. The higher the resolution, the higher the bitrate will be with this option activated. That's the difference between that option and 4K, which has a predetermined bitrate without depending on the resolution.

  9. Er.. I have a 1920x1080p monitor and a second 1680×1050 monitor and I want to record dishonored with shadowplay. (Dishonored runs on my HD one) So when I press alt+z in dishonored it tabs out and I can't record the actual game cuz when I press record it tells me I need to turn on desktop recording. Pls help I wanna know how to fix.

    I saw this video (

    ) of dishonored and in the desc it says it was recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay but I don't understand how to record Dishonored with it, currently the other games I've tested with Shadowplay are Terraria and I made this terraria video (

    ) with it so do you know how to fix it. If you can please help me if you don't please help me find a solution I've googled everywhere and even made this forum (https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/984076/geforce-experience/whenever-i-press-alt-z-to-try-and-record-it-tabs-out-and-i-can-t-record-the-actual-game/) on the website so please help. :'(

  10. Maybe it's a problem with "Instant Reply" but when I decided to save a record for the 1st time it save as 16:9. If I record game during the same session it will record 21:9.

  11. darn thing. I really like shadowplay, but for BF1, it won't seem to pick up that I'm running 3440 x 1440 and it's not recording the correct aspect ratio.

    (yes, I've set it to "In Game")

    This happen to anyone else?

  12. Can someone help me I meet all the requirements I have it turned on and it has worked before but it won't let me turn it on anymore plz help

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