Notable Features of the Motorola Bravo


Users have made the Motorola Bravo one of the best Smart phones on the market, thus explaining why are there are so many of them around. This phone has a number of excellent features, including a 3 MP camera, 3.7 inch touch screen, GPS, FM radio and fast processing times. The standard battery will hold on and sustain an amazing 6-7 hours of actual talk time. These are just some of the items that make this a great phone and account for the large number of Motorola Bravo accessories that are currently being offered. For the consumer that has already bought this model, he or she can choose from many accessories that will enhance their smart phone experience.

Consumers can buy a case in one of two common styles: holster or glove. The latter engulf the phone (thus the name glove), encasing it in leather, plastic or silicone wrapping for protection. However there are openings that allow users to easily reach the special areas of their device, including the screen, ports and jacks as necessary even when the case is on. They will protect this delicate piece of hardware properly, especially from scratches caused by errant drops.

The holster style by contrast is good for providing the kind of protection that the phone requires when it is not in use. Most of these cases are composed of protective materials which can take a lot of abuse such as leather or plastic. This style is adaptable, so there is some kind of attachment available for the phone to be placed securely on a belt (for men) or purse (for women) without the worry about it falling out. Since there are a great deal of styles and colors being manufactured, consumers should find one to suit their individual taste.

Another accessory that has become more popular is the screen protector, which for the Bravo is necessary since the display covers the entire front. This design is good for viewing purposes, but it is hard to prevent it from being scratched with repeated use. These types of gouges unfortunately make it hard to see the display on screen. That is why a screen protector is a good idea to ensure that the display will remain in good shape.

Motorola designers have also made sure that there is enough memory, including 512 MB internally and supplementing this with a 2 GB microSD slot as well. For video users, this won’t last long, so engineers have built in the capacity for a 32 GB memory card. Upgrading the card is an easy task and will not be difficult. The Smartphone can be charged and synced up using a convenient microUSB port. And the Bravo can use any standard type of microUSB cable/charger to complete these tasks easily. For those people who are on the go constantly, chargers are a welcome addition to their line of accessories.

Since it is a very popular Android phone, many third party manufacturers have already designed many different accessories for it. Another great must have for people who travel a lot for business purposes is a car dock. This device can allow any user to effectively use this device while in a vehicle. It actually serves to hold the Smartphone in place while driving. When used in conjunction with a car charger, the dock makes for a portable office since the phone itself can be used for most business communication purposes. It can also give directions and is just as effective as Google maps.

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