Nook Color – Is It The Best Color ebook Reader?


There is no doubt that for some Barnes and Nobles latest ebook reader will become their preferred gadget for reading books. It is the first major dedicated color ebook reader and is half the weight and half the size of the Apple ipad, not to mention half the price. Sure there are a number of features that is lacks in comparison to Apple’s model but for some people this will not be an issue.

There is no doubt the ipad is currently the king of tablets. Although there are some cheaper and lighter tablets on the market, none has been more warmly and enthusiastically accepted that the ipad. For reading ebooks it is impressive, given its high resolution color screen that makes reading magazines, comics and color books a satisfying experience.

For most though, the size is an issue. No matter how convenient the ipad is it cannot be regarded as light. This is where the Nook Color comes in. It has both a color, high resolution, touch screen LCD screen as well as internet connectivity. Bundle that with the Nook Color’s convenient size and weight and you can see why many are opting to purchase Barnes And Noble’s cheaper option.

The ipad weighs in at 1.5 pounds, or 24 ounces, while the color nook weighs just 15.8 ounces. This is a model you are more likely to want to take on a trip with you, either on a daily commute or to the Bahamas. Reading in bed with an ipad is always a bit of a juggle but the Color Nook makes this easier. While it is still heavier than a regular black and white ebook reder (such as a Kindle or B&W Nook) it is significantly easier to handle than an ipad.

On the Color Nook you can download and read color newspapers, magazines and color books. You can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi and while there is no email program or dedicated app store as yet there are in the works and will be released early next year. Based on the popular mobile phone operating system, Android 2.1, the Color Nook allows you to login to Facebook and browse your favourite sites using a web browser.

With the Nook you can highlight bits of text in your books and send them to friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. The Nook also allows you to share books with friends, something the Amazon Kindle platform lacks. Purchasing magazines is easy and can be done one issue at a time or on a subscription basis.

Overall the Color Nook is a well priced color ebook reader that will draw many readers who don’t want to commit to the size and price of an ipad yet want to read the latest magazines and books and stay connected with friends and family – all in color!

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