Nokia N96 – a Mobile With Cutting Edge Features


When one looks at the various new features of the Nokia n96, the first thing that one might be able to associate to them is that they are cutting edge.


Although it is true that many cameras today offer higher capacity and high your pixel rate than that of the Nokia n96, it is still notable that it is one of the highest capacities that are available for mobile phones. The technology of integrating 10 to 15 mega pixels into a mobile phone simply is not area — although it is certainly a trend of the future and Nokia would be one of the companies who would sure be able to produce the first models that would be able to do so. However, rather than buying such bulky cameras together with mobile phones, consumers are more than willing to sacrifice the quality of pictures — not so much a difference in quality especially for regular camera users — for being able to integrate the camera into their phones which they bring with them everywhere. That is the reason why cameras integrated into mobile phones had been popular in the first place, because people prefer to bring one gadget rather than two. And since the market addresses any business class — a group of people that are constantly on the go — they have decided to specialize such imaging technology into the phone. Five mega pixels is already cutting edge considering the various other capabilities that the mobile phone has to offer.

Music Player

The music player that has been integrated into the Nokia n96 could also be labeled as cutting edge. The design is a far cry from the simplistic nature of the iPod, but it achieves its capacity nevertheless. And together with its ability to play high quality music through a 3.5 mm audio output jack, the Nokia n96 provides a fairly large storage space — 16 GB extendable to an additional eight more — in order to fit this music need. However, we could not be able to classify the Nokia n96 as a music phone because there are also other Nseries photos released by which have up to 100 GB of storage space specifically designed to play music. However, these devices do not even come close to the other benefits the Nokia n96 has to offer when one looks at it from the point of view of business.


Lastly, another cutting edge technology that has only been recently integrated into mobile phones since the release of Apple’s popular iPhone is the Accelerometer sensor. Basically, what it does is it allows the phone to identify how the user is holding the phone. If it is in any lateral position, it automatically switches the display to landscape, allowing a fuller experience of video, music, and it’s main purpose for the Nokia n96, Internet surfing and the ability to browse and interactive online applications. This technology is still a far cry from being perfect and, as we will see later, there are many criticisms and negative reviews of the efficiency of the Accelerometer in various situations. However, the ability of the Nokia n96 to detect motion is superb compared to other mobile phones today.

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