Nintendo Switch Will “Blow You Away” Claims Nvidia


Nvidia claims Nintendo Switch fans will be blown away this week! OMG I’m so hyped!

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  1. Im still thinking there is some aspect to the switch that remains to be seen other than how much power it has. What if Nintendo use an improved upon 3DS style 3D tech on the handheld screen and then you place that screen in a VR headset similar to a samsung gear VR and use joycons in each hand for a more immersive yet lower cost VR experience. No idea how it would work in practice but you never know with Nintendo.

  2. i think only nintendo fans will love it. your core gamers will cry and make fun of it because its not a boring box and a controller that they can play gore games in 4k like the ps4 xb1 are.

  3. So do you think third party will stay on board or go away? Plus do you think the switch will be able to handle battlefield 1?

  4. leaked.. new switch game :

    new mario game 1
    new mario game 2
    new mario game 3
    new mario game 4
    new zelda game remake 1
    new racing game with mario, fighting game using nintendo chac
    so on and on n on n on……….

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