Nintendo Switch vs PS4 vs Xbox One!


Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S: which game console is best?
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Is the Nintendo Switch Worth It?
Is the PS4 Slim Worth It?
Xbox One Slim: Worth the Upgrade?


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  1. Austin the nintendo switch is only capable of 1080p on tv mode and 720p in portable so 900p is only a small drop

  2. Why are Call of Duty and Battlefield and that kind of games SOOO important to people? Why can't you just enjoy an indie game like Zelda, Mario or Splatoon perhaps?

  3. Nintendo released the switch to soon, my Wii u plays Zelda botw, I already have a PS4 and xb1, buying a switch would be a retarded purchase knowing all of its downfalls. I feel that Nintendo is choking. if I want 4k I play on PC.

  4. In my opinion, the Switch is more worth it. Nintendo games are too good to compare against. Except Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival… that was terrible.

    Anyways, so you say the Switch wouldn't do well as a main console, arguing that it won't be able to run games like Madden, Battlefield and Call of Duty. Although I have never played games from any of these franchises, it is possible that they could come to the Switch as well. As of now, we are quite early in the Switch's timeline; we don't know what to expect from the Switch's game library in the future, other than what we've already heard. It's already been stated that there will be sports titles being released for the Switch in the near future, so why not? What makes this even more possible is that the Switch's 3rd party development support is promising, as you've already said.

    Another thing that makes the Switch a possible main console is its portability. The Switch can be taken anywhere, and you can play all the games you'd normally play on a television wherever you are. Although the screen is a bit underwhelming (at 720p), it is a solid system for playing games on the go. At least its better than what Sony and Microsoft have accomplished; Sony has released some portable consoles with relatively small game libraries, and to my knowledge, Microsoft hasn't released any portable consoles whatsoever. And the Switch, being portable and television console at the same time, surpasses the other companies' consoles by far.

    The Switch has more to offer, though. It's incredibly small for a console, measuring just over 33 square centimeters of surface coverage. You could set the dock on almost any surface, and it would fit perfectly. As for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One (or any version, doesn't matter), you'd most likely need to set it on the floor, in a shelf, or if you're crazy enough, under your TV (unless you have your TV mounted to the wall). This makes the Switch much more accessible to people with little space to put a console.

    Overall, the Switch seems to have more potential, with its portability and accessibility. From what it looks like, Nintendo could have the next big console on their hands. Tell me what you think, does it have the accessibility to push Sony and Microsoft out of the scene, or will its specs bring Nintendo down?

  5. when ps4 came out it didn't have much games either…well more than x1 did they just fuck. up everything they do.

  6. Umm I disagree the Switch is an Xbox1 docked. Just because on paper the Xbox1 is powerful but the Switch's API are more modern and the NVIDIA GPU is used up 100% over AMD which is about 80%. The DDR4 is also used up more on the Switch than Xbox1.

    A good comparison is the Snake Pass game for PS4 and Switch. The games look super similar but not too different. You can't compare a PS3 port of Dragon Quest. The Switch is more capable than what people think. Plus, with an NVIDIA 1060 Add on for the SCD if Nintendo will use it which I hope they do. You'll see a console that competes not only with better architecture but over all 4.6 Teraflops of power with 4K 30fps. I hope to see this I'm the future because an NVIDIA 1060 is only 230$ for retail. putting another CPU and GPU in a small box for 300$ sounds better than just getting a 500 or 400$ console sounds better to me.

    So, don't you dare say the Switch doesn't have graphics comparable to Xbox1 or PS4 because it can run the same games maybe a less resolution but still at the same performance as an Xbox1. The 1060 also performs better base on the fact that API make it better. Higher clock speeds don't make it a better chip in some cases. Remember SNES and Genesis?

  7. PS4 is definitely better cause if we compare Nintendo switch with PS4 and xb1s,Nintendo doesn't have very nice graphics and it even doesn't have 4k.So PS4 and XB1S are better and they are two dynamic consoles but if we compare them mostly everything is same but PS4 is better than XB1S cause in x box only the controller is nice but in PS4 we have the PlayStation VR,PlayStation Move which give a very realistic experience and even PS4 have exclusive games which do not come in XB1S and Switch like uncharted,God of war,last of us which are the best games and have very nice at last PS4 is better switch and x box

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