Nintendo Switch Extended Thoughts


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I played the Nintendo Switch extensively at home, and here’s what you need to know about it.

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  1. it's actually a good thing that the stand is difficult to move because it's made to stop a micro sd card to fallout because the micro sd card slot is behind it.

  2. U can turn the console with the Home button.. Also, if you keep home pressed, u can turn it off in the quick menu.

  3. Okay, Jared its about time you stop pretending. We all know you were paid to make good,decent and bit of positive review regarding switch. Pretty much everyone knows that Nintendo black-listed almost every channel so that they can't review their games unless it is a positive review. Angryjoe explained it in all of his vlogs regarding Nintendo policy and its games in detail!

    -I mean just look at yourself. Your expressions are so stiff, your body language is awkward and your are almost stuttering in every sentence you speak. It feels like you are not convinced by what you are speaking and deeply fear that you might say something that will offend Nintendo.

  4. You can sleep and wake the Switch from the quick menu by holding the Home button. That way you can turn it on and off when it's docked. I know that's not really "turning it off", but the idea is that you usually have your Switch in sleep mode, not totally turned off, like any other tablet nowadays.

  5. I've found the left Joycon sync issues are involved when there is something between the it and the console. If I have nothing obstructing it I have no problem.

  6. I got a sync issue on the Joycon while it was attached to the Switch itself. It didn't connect then and I had to play with them separated.

  7. Oh Jared, about that Kick-Stand, they know it probably will snap off, so they made it that if it does, just snap it back on!

  8. If zelda was not on the Wii U the switch would be better cause it would have been made on the switch but the Wii U held it back

  9. God damn it the kick Stand is supposed to pop out for when you put it in the dock and it's out it won't break just come off and the charging port needs to be on the bottom for the dock

  10. 32gbs? Fuck Nintendo. I don't understand why people think that is acceptable.
    Please, Nintendo. Stop making hardware. You suck at it. Just make games. We all love your games.

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