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Nintendo Switch online services were explained during Nintendo’s Live Event. Though Nintendo didn’t announce the price, they did elaborate on what you’ll get with the service.

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  1. If this Nintendo system finally plays media CDs?
    Such as DVD, Blu-ray & Music CDs I will purchase it but if NOT
    I don't need it

    I need a system that plays everything I don't want a lot of boxes under my TV I just need one media player and a cable box!

  2. I don't mind. It's gonna be priced probably the same as other's, 50$ a year.
    Besides, Nintendo's been bleeding money for years now dealing with massive losses. Microsoft with Windows, tablets, etc. And Sony with making almost every electronic available makes it so they have a huge backing.
    How Nintendo survived this long without charging for online services is beyond me. I don't mind supporting them though. Nintendo doesn't release broken games on day 1, with half of the game being restricted to micro transactions like 99% of all the other devs.
    They work hard to make sure a game is in near pristine condition before releasing it and put so much more heart and soul into them.
    They deserve the support from their customers, hands down, more then any of the other guys.

  3. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Nintendo, we know you're going through somewhat of a rough patch right not, but doing what other companies did as wrong as they did it is not right.

  4. wait in the right controller is says 2 ZR button and in the left controller is says 1 L button and 1 ZL button, damn ign is so bad and that's how u know it.

  5. $69.99 Pro controller, $49.99 joy con controllers ($79.99 for 2), probably $40-$60 for annual online, and $59.99 for triple A online games, $299.99 for the console, and 2.5-6hr battery life. Nintendo, you on acid or something?

  6. nintendo…nintendo…nintendo are you seriosly going down this rode you do realize people cant always give up money at any time although the service is much cheaper than xbox and ps4 its hard to believe you would abuse an option like this, for shame, for shame

  7. I think the having to use a mobile phone for voice chat is total rubbish (I don't even own a mobile phone) I have pre-ordered the switch. Surely Nintendo can create an app within the device to allow game chat, and with their excuse being that people don't want to cart around bulky headsets is stupid thinking! as there is headphone buds with mic's out there Nintendo. So Nintendo get on with it and just add that friggn game chat on the switch itself and let us decide whether or not we want to use a friggn bulky headset.

  8. Hey the switch will be awesome you need to be grateful. You get what you get. I think it will succeed. God this comment section is very sad.

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