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Finally, we can play a good Rare game on a Microsoft console. OH SHIIIIIIIT WHAT A BOOM. Go ahead and steal that one and post it in the comments. Free upvotes, fam!

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Written By: Lawrence Sonntag
Hosted By: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, and Elyse Willems

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  1. guys… stop… We all download/use internet freely for our own amusement…
    the only way you're gettin roms / iso's for your emulators is free of the internet…
    what's that? there's a shop to download Nintendo Wii games, specificly for the Dolphin Emulator? hmm… not heard of it… :]

  2. So, this will make those who pirate nintendo 64 games happy? Honestly, who would even take the effort to do so, AND since that would require a PC wouldn't they just run an emulator on that? This really makes no sense.

  3. Best ranking n64 Games for me:
    1 Goldeneye (the first two are obvious)
    2 Mario Cart 64
    3 Road Rash 64 (infinitely entertaining)
    3 NFL Blitz (original, especially with friends)
    4 Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time
    5 WWF "No Mercy" (mostly only with friends)
    Etc… lol. The Point of all that was to say that these classics are still fun and if we can get multiplayer matchmaking for them thru emu's on console then this may be a popular new service. . . "Nin ten dough" on xbox and all. Very interesting… PS on xbox and vise versa in the near future?
    6 Smash Bros (With friends)… this could go on and on… lol

  4. I would love to have a emulator. Only thing is, I don't know anything about emulations. Yes, I'm illiterate when it comes to emulation stuff….wish some one would be kind enough to show and tell me the know hows….

  5. I don't remember people saying PSOne, DreamCast, GameCube/Wii, 3DS, Vita, and possibly others are becoming too much like PCs for having emulators. Why is this different for XBox One? There are emulators available for your Android Smartphone/Tablet too.

  6. xbox one is a pc under the hood, Scorpio will be the last console, play any where titles is just a tease to get people onto Pc, and once everyone gets used to Pc…. bye bye consoles!

  7. those games play better on my free emulator on my 100$ android phone which can be screencasted to my tv with better graphics than that aswell although the emulator on my pc blows anythign thing else ive seen away

  8. I had an N64 Emulator when N64 was the current console. just for Zelda. the whole game was playable but once you beat the last boss you couldn't leave the room and that was that. Yaaay fanstastic ending!

  9. For as long as the classic Snowboard Kids games aren't available on the U's virtual console, this emulator is something I'd totally consider… as long as it had SBK 1 and 2. They're really the only N64 games I'm missing in my life.

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if a super arcade didn't happen,to where almost all game developers ever put their games on it for sale 2 cents for an atari game, $1.50 for Golden Axe..and even have games from 3DO,32X,Jaguar CD and so on.

  11. "Consoles becoming more PC like"…that line made me laugh because consoles will always lag behind PC when it comes to hardware and will remain as powerful as a mid range laptop or very low range gaming PC.

  12. Minor point but that 90s joke at the beginning wasn't particularly whitty (little try-hard). since the N64 came out in 1997 (96' in Japan).

  13. Hopefully we'll see a LOT more emulators make their way to Xbox One. Not just Nintendo, but Atari, SEGA & MaMe! Listen, if publishers aren't willing to port their library of games to our current platforms, they might as well. Better still, an Original Xbox emulator would be all kinds of awesome.

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