Will Tetrachromats Miss Out on 3D TV?

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A Tetrachromat is someone who can see additional colors that normal humans cannot. Regular people can see 3 primary colors and TetraChromats can see four, thus opening them up to an endless array of different shades of colors we’ve never seen at all. Amazing, just to think of it. Unfortunately, in the future this great gift could turn out to be a challenge for them. For instance, in the future of 3D TV and 3D movies it could be problematic entirely, meaning they will not be able to enjoy what we see so well. Remember, 3D uses strategies which trick the eyes.

At least this is what some colorogists and yes, it really is a science, the science of color, are considering. In the future we may also have 3D TV running in conjunction with holographic projection or spectral imaging and thus, the full effect of a living room Virtual Reality System will look different to them, and they may not get the same emersion sensation as the rest of us normal folks. Interestingly enough, many other species have TetraChromat abilities too. In humans it is very rare, and usually women are the ones with this extra gift.

It’s going to be a big deal, just like someone who is color blind has a difficult time surfing websites, which has been a rather big complaint, a person who can see different shades and hues will get dazed and confused with 3D TV. A person who is color blind can see through camouflage which is a benefit in war time, and a person who is a Tetrachromat can see different shades of color so things also stand out, but when you make things stand out using color changes they will get a totally different sensation.

Some argue that they will get a more in-depth experience since the shades of color will be so vivid, the 3D screen will jump out at them, others completely disagree, but we will never know until we study this, and for that we need someone with this TetraChromate visual gift to help guide the research. As far as eye can see, there will be an extreme difference as these new technologies come forth. So, research will need to be funded, perhaps by the technology industry itself to see what the verdict is on this question.

Let’s face it 3D TV is coming soon to a channel and living room near you, perhaps your own home if you are an early adopter of personal technology and entertainment toys. So, please consider all this.

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