VISIO Software – Professional project management from Microsoft Office Visio

Visio diagrams, comprising of UML diagrams, network diagrams, flowcharts and additional features that helps in communicating selective information for all complex tables, text and diagrams at a glimpse. MS Visio 2007, a comprehensive Visio tool assists in producing easy to understand data-driven Visio network diagrams, sequence diagrams, and data flow diagrams thereby ensuring effective business productivity. MS Office Visio 2007 offers an outstanding variety of diagrams and Visio shapes that helps in understanding and accomplishing complex tasks, besides sharing informative data on organizational systems, processes, and resources all over the enterprise.


IconSet Builder: Offers a fast and rich technique to create custom-made Icon Sets that you are able to apply in the Data Graphics of your diagram. It sensibly uploads the projects you prefer to utilize, then transcripts the subsequent shape into your diagram or template. These copies in the icon sets can be utilizsed in additional data graphics.

Near Real Time Monitoring (NRTM) Connector of Disk Space utilizes the radical Data Graphics feature of Visio 2007 to exhibit the effects of server supervising. This application enables strong integration of Visio 2007 with the service management solution System Center Operations Manager 2007. The connection assists in viewing the results by monitoring servers since they are a clear, comprehensive Visio network diagram.


  • Corroborates UML and database modeling
  • Backs reverse engineering Visual Studio projects
  • Refreshens the pattern from the database
  • Imports from an ERwin/ERX file
  • Has a Compelling visual architecture for service-oriented solution modeling
  • Offers Database development instruments, including Schema Compare, to cut back risks connected with database schema changes
  • Helps in Mapping out domain objects to the database with the ORM Tool

Among Visio’s most compelling, still least declared characteristics, is its ability to develop CAD drawings in adequate detail for the needs of most construction projects. It permits designers to develop persuasive 2D and 3D presentation drawings by which dimensions and specifications are captured for pricing and costing. The gross sales drawings are then easily altered since they are used more for construction purposes.

Capitalize on Visio while designing your Projects or documenting your (virtual) environments. Check the website, where you get access to white papers, articles and free addons for Visio to make your animation richer.

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