Video Friday: Robot Patrol, Tickling Machine, and More From IROS 2016

Goodbye, South Korea! IROS ended today in Daejeon, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage so far (TurtleBot 3! Microspine gripper! Robots that sweat!). We wish we could write about every single amazing project we’ve seen there, but then we would die of exhaustion and you’d have 0 (zero) articles next year. So here’s another idea: We’re going to stuff Video Friday, both this week and next, with a massive dose of IROS videos along with their accompanying abstracts. We hope you like that better than us dying.

For you impatient types, we’ll return to normal Video Friday in two weeks, so if you have video suggestions, keep them coming as usual. Enjoy today’s IROS 2016 Special Edition Part 1.

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