Uses of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one way that information is shared within an organization, a network, or a software application. The most common usage for cloud computing involves public clouds. This means that data and software information is actually stored through an internet server instead of on an individual’s computer. The individual user is able to access the information through web browsers. Most individuals do not pay directly for the cloud service. Instead, the service is provided by each user’s web browser.

Another frequent use for cloud computing is a community cloud. In this type of design, different organizations have access to the same information. Only those within a designated network may access the data, programs, and software applications that comprise the cloud. Community clouds are often used in businesses that are divided into separate locations. This type of cloud may also be found when two or more separate businesses or organizations need to access the same information. In this case, the separate networks would be able to share applications or information from a central database.

A hybrid cloud is less common than other system designs. This term may also be called a combined cloud or a combination cloud. Hybrids can consist of two separate public or community clouds. In addition, a hybrid cloud model may be an individual public or community cloud that uses external or separated hardware devices. Though hybrid clouds have not been as popular with businesses as community clouds, most computer experts agree that hybrid clouds are the future of cloud computing design.

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