Captain America the Initial Avenger Uncovered! Beta Male to Super Soldier Transhumanism and Nazism! at?v=FLYDr8KbUqk

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25 thoughts on “Captain America the Initial Avenger Uncovered! Beta Male to Super Soldier Transhumanism and Nazism!

  1. I miss your voice. No homo. It is good to hear you. I am a carribean straight male of full african descent. You should be proud of yourself. You are doing things most ppl wont do. You gave me strength my canadian warrior. You are not alone. We will help defend this racist crap towards straight white males. First the straight white males, then the straight black males. Not on my watch

    My argument is simple. Mlk promoted all races to get along. He was a religious man and did not support the gay movememt. So i have an obligation to him to like all ladies, especially white girls and can be 100% anti gay based on my culture. Can i get a high 5.

  2. I have a disability that affects my whole body, (I'm a spastic quadriplegic) I've also had to live through all kinds of other stuff. I have had to rely on lot of inner strength to stay alive and have done everything I possibly could to make myself stronger and smarter. It fucking bugs me that they're using people like me to push this politically correct bullshit. I didn't become damn-near completely independent by allowing everyone to do everything for me and wait for a solution.

  3. The, "BAD" people are always ugly and the, "GOOD" people are always attractive. Goes straight back to Disney girls programming about The Handsome Prince, Prince Charming, etc.

  4. I use to be fragile like him, I've gained 10lbs over the last year (I'm 127lb today) I'm slowly bulking up & trying to get stronger

  5. So everything that you watch hear see and touch is all programming. There is no real entertainment. You can find hidden meanings behind anything.

  6. Back in the day of Arnold, they were juicing and cocaine was legal . And meth was underground. So they were doing actual super soldier building. Acid was invented to unlock the mind, wonder if they have done studies on animals and what animals experiance under lsd? The nazis where creating the uberman, even thought it was really a way for people to live respectively.

  7. See the way they made punisher from the comics to the movies and now a tv series, that punished me. The new punisher is a child, and a "beta punisher".

  8. Dude the story of the orgs is told by Michael Myers. Him and Disney, not the dude off Halloween, the Austin powers mike Myers.

  9. I saw the movie a few years ago, & now that I see it explained I don't know why I didn't make these connections. Great Video, thanks for the effort.
    I really miss yours video's.

  10. In Captain America Winter Soldier, they show Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra and much more. It´s actually pretty good movie.

  11. To understand WWII you have to go back to WWI and to understand why WWI even happened you need to read, Why the Treaty of Trianon is Void by Louis K Birinyi.

    Every war and invasion has been caused by the Jew, all because they harbour this revenge mentality for any slight that a non-Jew may have caused upon them. That revenge may sometime take hundreds of years until it happens but it always does.

    Of the wars that are fought by nations that have Jews within them, the Jew rarely ever fights. During the call up for WWII, Yiddishe mama's were paying the Jew doctor $2,000 per head to save their little bubbeleh from having to fight. These Jew doctors would use various legal and illegal drugs that would give the young male Jew, heart fibrillations, or fill their lungs with liquid to simulate tuberculosis, or give them noxious skin conditions, etc, etc, etc….

    Any Jew that did pass the health exam, still didn't have to fight. They would instead get the cushy jobs like War Reporters, USO, Personal Aides, the Motor Pool, Mortuary Affairs,, (to where a lot of theft happened) or their favorite, Quartermaster where a lot of blackmarket dealings were going on. This is where you will find most of these Jews during WWII who did die which happened by bombing raids or barrages. Rarely did the Jew die on the actual battlefield, fighting the enemy..

  12. I'm content with my scrauny runty 135 lb/ 62 kilo self. I'll take it over being physically obese, or mentally confused about my appearance any day. All this propaganda makes me feel healthy as fuck.

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