Track your facebook profile visitors

I know that has all those who are on facebook had the same burning questions as I do. How can I see who has shown my facebook profile? Where can I find a facebook Tracker? Since facebook has become so popular, so have the facebook profile stalkers. Could your friends, neighbors, ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriends, or even someone you do not even know. We are fortunate to have the technology for 3rd party websites have to give the code so you can see who visits your profile. Bands on facebook Music find this sort of technology is very useful because it allows them to see their fans. Unfortunately, most of the code are offered by these sites eliminated because they violate of facebook’s TOS (Terms of Service) to. Do not be disappointed at the moment, there are few alternatives.

I remember the short reign of several very popular sites that the profile of the spectators back, followed by their profile. Sites such as these members with a facebook tracker code they could into their facebook profile, under the supervision of the people who allowed viewed their profile. After entering the code, you have access to snoop to see all the profiles, which has viewed your profile. He even had their facebook pictures! This was very convenient for a short time, without notice, until it no longer. Obviously, this code violated facebook TOS and the code has been automatically clipped to your profile. After these pages quickly lost fan base. The millions left of facebook to find the question and try another facebook tracker.

Fortunately, there is a new feedback technology, you do not, you can track your visitors, but also tons of data about the type of visitors will see you coming. There are now several trackers out there, as MyFriendStats that not only allows you to track profiles and find out where the views are coming from. But now bands can even according to their statistics, fans and even demographics. You can create maps, view data and to understand even what your visitors are looking for. Software like this is for both the casual facebook user and bands trying to promote their music on facebook’s excellent. With this information, you can easily understand your facebook profile viewers, and perhaps more people and potential fans to bring to your site. This is the easiest way to get famous on facebook.

The good news is out, now start tracking your facebook Profile viewers again.

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