Top 5 Ecommerce Web Sites I Like

E-commerce has gone over different phases of internet for a decade.  It started with internet bubble and cross over the web2.0 . But still if you see the e-commerce usability survey’s from the end user, users are still not happy with  this sites and how they  manage user usability aspects.  Going back to the headings, I like following 5  sites and I think they can provide   next generation e-commerce:

1. This the father of e-commerce. I love this site as it has balance amount of  data and continuous upgrades. Took great advantage of web2.0 innovations. But I think amazon should take the advantage of artificial intelligence to showing the product.

2. Another significant site that represent the e-commerce from a different angle. It also provide a market place for bidding. But I think ebay should build a mechanism to help user on choosing the right product apart from bidding.

3. Another decent e-commerce site for electronics. The site has really valuable data for each product and helps user to take right decision. But I think this data needs to be structured and need to feed to the user at need basis.

4. Another cool e-commerce sites, provides user a  powerful tool by matching the color and shape etc for cloths, shoes, watches etc. It is very  user friendly  website.  I think apart from there core value , they should put importance to each attributes of the product which will help user to make the decision quickly. This will take  e-commerce to a next level.

5. This is another cool site which I have reviewed recently. They took a U turn on  e-commerce and bring the artificial intelligence to help user to search electronic product based on its  attributes. Individual can refine the search by changing the product attributes and put corresponding priorities. I could see the artificial intelligence, biometric searches will bring the next generation e-commerce. They need to put more importance to presentation and content.

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