Tips How To View Facebook Private Photos

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Original apps :Facebook Private Photos Unlocker

Facebook at the time has become the largest social network site and was ranked 4 (Alexa version) around the world. But not like other social networking site, facebook trying to maintain privacy of its members better. One example is the other member does not allowed to view photo album belonging to another member before becoming friends.

But now there is an application which is available on its own Facebook to see the photo album from the member without being their friend first. How very easy, you simply enter the URL, ID, Name (select one) from the member concerned and can now you can see all photo album belonging to them unless they have a lock.

The first step, please first login to your Facebook account. Then open “Facebook Private Photos Unlocker” in separate window.

Two options will appear that asks for your permission so that applications can be integrated with your account, select Allow. Once theapplication is installed in to your account, it’s time you entered the URL, ID, or name of the member you want to see the photo album.

When you enter the URL or ID, please wait for a while for application fetching all album or private photos from facebook member database. After finish, then you will see any of album if user has album or directly to image.  Click to that album or image to get larger view.

With this facebook application (Facebook Private Photos Unlocker), they do not know that we have been visiting their photo album. Silent way.

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