The Residential Dolphin Pool Cleaner by Maytronics

While there are several names in the residential pool cleaner arena,  Dolphin by Maytronics Corp. is universally recognized as possibly the top performing line that is currently available. The residential models that Dolphin produces are arranged in three classes, with those being “basic”, “wall climbing” and “top class”.

A Quality Model to Fit Any Budget

As you may suspect, the basic class comprises their more affordable and less feature laden models, wall climbing, of course is their class of wall climbers and their top class is just that, their deluxe, full feature design options. So, while Dolphin is not the cheapest brand that is on the market, there are several options available to insure that finding one to fit you budget is none the less easily done.

A Well Recognized Reputation

The Dolphin pool cleaner brand is well recognized in the industry for their efficiency and reliability, as well as their ability to stand up to heavy use. They are also well recognized as the leader in the industry with regards to state of the art innovations as well. So, while you can find a cheaper brand of pool cleaner on the market, you simply cannot find a better quality automatic pool cleaner for your money.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is possibly the most amazing new technology to find its way onto automatic pool cleaners and Dolphin was at the forefront of its development and implementation. Artificial intelligence allows a Dolphin automatic pool cleaner to make its own snap decisions when negotiating the surface of a swimming pool.

Incredible Features

This means that obstacles such as stairs and islands are a cinch for the Dolphin pool cleaner and when its done cleaning your pool it will automatically signal you to let you know. Simply signal it to come to you and it comes right over and climbs into its cart, so you can put it back in its storage space until it is called on again to serve.

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