The Play Of Life: The Evil Good Men Do


<P>Human life and physical reality is a school for the souls of Man.  God wishes young and inexperienced souls to gain experiences in life and to live in ignorance of God and the heavens for a time.  To do this a veil of ignorance is drawn on men and women when they are born. God created the virtual reality universe of man inside a part of his own mind the mind of God.  Inside humans gain experiences of life and death without ever knowing the true nature of reality. This is how God teaches his children to appreciate their own reality of their souls and someday the reality of God in Heaven.

<P>Men play the play of life with other souls who take turns playing good and evil parts of the play of life.  For lifetimes and generations souls act and interact with each other and become mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, neighbors, conquerors, villains, heroes, soldiers, doctors, farmers, priests, peasants, knights, kings, babies, old men, idiots, wise men, dictators, saints, and many many more of every race, creed, and and gender.  We are all classmate in the play of life on Earth.

<P>In the play of life human bodies, emotions, and thoughts are tools we learn to play with in the game of life while gaining experiences of soul.  But soul is not harmed when the body dies, nor is soul harmed when the emotions are in anguish, or when the mind is in great fright and terror.  For these are not soul.  These are the cloaks we wear to play the game of life on Earth.  Souls are not harmed in the game of life but souls learn that pain and suffering are a bitter part of the duality of existence.  Souls feel the great pain and suffering and remember this forever.  And so souls learn a side of life and existence that they could never know if they were forever a part of Heaven and did not know this separation of life.

<P>In time a soul will grow wary of life and living in ignorance of God and begin to wonder what life is all about.  When he or she grows wary then they become the seekers of truth and begin their journey back to God. Only great pain and suffering will make a soul long for truth and God.  Only great inner anguish and torment will turn a soul within to cry out for aid and assistance from God.  This is called the dark night of soul and with every soul it will be different and the same.

<P>Many teachers of the Path will appear over many lifetimes and the long journey home will begin.  If a soul is intent and resolute to know God he will find the path within that all teachers teach is the road to God and the inner worlds of Heaven. But if he is not resolute and the worlds of men continue to call to him he will often falter and remain to be born again and again on the wheel of life.

<P>With many dark nights of soul the soul’s intent to know God becomes focused on the Path to God and soul soon learns to lift up the spirit to the third eye of man and learns to journey back to God.

<P>It is harmful actions of others that must be condemned in life not the souls that create them.  For even the best of intentions can go astray and the best of men and women can do great evil.  Souls must learn how to use their free will to do good because there are many ways it can be unknowingly misused in life.  Only direct contact with God or divine energies daily can teach a soul how to use their free will wisely.

<P>Today the men of the depopulation movement of Earth are actually the best and the brightest of scientists and leaders of many nations.  But they have a dark side that they do not understand within them.  They seem to hate all that is around them for no good reason and they are confused by this.  They are at that point where they wish to return to God because nothing in the physical worlds truly pleases them.  They have grown weary and hateful of life and seek to destroy themselves and others whom they see before them.  This is their way of expressing self-hate and loathing for the life they lead and for the lack of fulfillment in life.

<P>But the solution is easy to break this deadlock of self-hate of their existence.  It is going within to God and returning home again to the heavens.  They must learn anew that they are not this body, mind, emotions, nor their human life, but they are a soul or spirit which lives inside of these cloths of life.  They must learn anew to travel the path back to God and go within each day with contemplation and meditation. This is the only thing that can satisfy their longing within.  And it is the only thing that can heal them.  If only they will let themselves return home again and forgive themselves for what they thought they have become. 

<P> You are not dark thoughts, emotions, and actions you are souls which are learning lessons so that one day you will appreciate more fully your true natures with God. It is only your own selves that are holding you back.  Look within and find peace and go home. — J.E. Ante

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