The Effects of Cloud Computing in Businesses and Personal Professional Development

Individuals who are aware of using the “cloud” take the advantage of its use to improve themselves in their field of work while businesses have different outlooks about the use of  cloud computing in their businesses’ professional development like security matters and that cloud computing is a waste of money.

Cloud computing affects the professional development of several businesses in so many ways by providing a more personal touch with their customers and make them feel the company’s support and reliability. More and more companies depend on cloud computing in incorporating their customer relationship management system (CRM) through different web – applications suitable for both the company and their customers thus giving the company more room for professional development. Businesses that have their own cloud computing built by IT professionals are able to manage their companies not only in terms of CRM but are able to observe the whole of their business including their employees, branch offices, finances and tracking systems on their stocks making it easier for them in managing and monitoring what is happening within their company.

Flexibility within the company is very important in sustaining and providing their employees what they need to better enhance their employees’ performance resulting to efficiency in work. Employing a web – based application like cloud computing is much cheaper and employees are able to rely on remote access to numerous systems like a new Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM application , point – of – sale application and a help desk problem tracking system without the need of going from one place to another thus saving time and effort.

Most companies want to expand their businesses and are keeping an open eye on various innovations in helping their professional development without incurring huge expenses unless of course if such technologies will mean greater profits. Cloud computing is one way of expanding a company’s business through the use of host servers. Either they have their own existing data center or renting it allowing them to do away using other software and applications which are hosted on in – house servers. What companies need is an easy way in accessing remote systems for them and their employees providing work manageability even if they are in another part of the world or just outside the office doing client calls.

Cloud computing allows companies to expand their businesses even when their financial capabilities are restricted without affecting their existing capital working on various computers to attend to their customers’ needs and benefits more when their businesses are picking up in the market. Businesses are able to grow efficiently without much added costs but incurring more profits in return.

The role of cloud computing in a company’s professional development plays a vital role in the personal and professional development of their employees as well. Industries focused on sales were once faced with issues of cloud computing acceptance within their sales force to make them realize the advantages of cloud computing in their work but with proper introduction and information on how to use the “cloud” in developing their sales performance to recognize that they are not being deviated from their old ways but are being taught of new ways to improve themselves was taken positively. Generally, the basics of selling do not change. It is still them who close the deals and not the computer in a better, easier and faster way.

Cloud computing helps in automating companies’ sales processes providing their sales force to have better chances of closing deals like information about their customers with whom they made contact, product information and availability which they can offer their customers. All these help in improving a person’s sales performance with all the information right in front of them they can offer their customers diverse products according to their client’s capability and preferences which makes the probability of closing a deal higher resulting to sales increase not only on the company’s sales executive as well as increasing the company’s sales as a whole.

In spite of the many benefits provided by cloud computing other companies are worried about the security of their systems. Considering all the commodities and services provided by the different service providers the risk of having someone handle your data centers is inevitable. Third parties who gets access into your system can make any of your data disappear suddenly that may cause a company to go bankrupt and there is no guarantee in recovering the data stored in your system. What they do not know is that cloud computing can cut down their security costs by having appropriate security policies and ensuring that their data are stored in a secure environment in the “cloud”.

Another issue that is facing cloud computing among companies is that it is a waste of money to invest on new SaaS programs. Such companies may have had bad experiences with their servers and it may take some time for them to realize the benefits of cloud computing before they take the initiative in getting one.

Getting a new Saas costs less compared to investing more money on servers which are more expensive and can increase the company’s expenses including other essential expenses that are needed in supporting these servers. Cloud computing is user friendly just like any other website that individuals use for sending emails to families and friends and even use it in communicating with their clients. They work exactly the same as these websites making it easier in doing their tasks resulting to better career management.

Another benefit of cloud computing is that it does not affect much of the company’s business when an application breaks down, the vendor is just a phone call away and immediately repairs the company’s system wherever they are minimizing costs and installation time.

There is no doubt how cloud computing positively affects businesses and people’s professional development. It is as well cost effective and a great way for a company to expand their businesses.

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