Super Mario Galaxy – Hands-On (Wii, E3 07)

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The first thing I saw as I walked into the Barker Hanger at E3 07 was Super Mario Galaxy at Nintendo's station. I quickly snatched a controller, and I started off as the smiling plumber standing on a rather small planetoid in the Honey Comb Galaxy. The spherical planetoid was populated with honey bees. The point of each planetoid is to find the giant star so you can warp to the next world.

Before I continue, let me give you a brief description of how the game is set up. You control Mario using the analog nun chuck, and perform jumps, spin attacks, and shoot crystals with the Wii remote. You run around and collect colored crystals which are saved in your inventory. You point the remote at the screen, which displays a star cursor, and pull the trigger on the remote which fires the crystals you have collected. You fire the crystals at your enemy, at mushrooms encased in crystals, or at practically anything on screen.

When you collect one of the mushrooms in the Honey Comb Galaxy, Mario puts on a bee suit which gives you the ability of limited flight. So after flying around the planetoid, spin hitting some enemies, and after going through some pipes which take you all the way through the planetoid and spit Mario out on the other side, I flew around a waterfall where I found the giant star which warped me to the next world.

Now that was a quick concise description of the game play. What it does not elaborate on is the absolute fun Super Mario Galaxy is. Simply put, Super Mario Galaxy is an absolute blast. It may not have the impressive graphics you get with games on other systems, but it more than makes up for it with the game play.

I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy about twice as much as any other game I demoed at E3 07. Running around the smaller planeoids, trying to jump when your up-side-down, and controlling Mario from all angles made this title stand out in a crowd .

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