Stereoscopy To Create The Illusion Of Depth

The technology of 3D graphics is now commonly used in many fields like for example, in movies, TV, etc where the 3 D display devices make the user feel that he is in a virtual reality surroundings or environment. There are three dimensional glasses that are inexpensive and this can be used in a normal monitor to view three dimensional pictures. Different kinds of glasses like the shutter glasses, color filter glasses and polarizing glasses are used in viewing 3 D movies.

Stereoscopy helps a viewer who views a movie or TV to feel that he is an integral part of the action taking place in the screen. It helps him visualize that he is in the screen experiencing all the action and drama taking place in the screen. Therefore, this has become a craze among the youngsters who wish to view the latest Hollywood movies which are mostly taken using the three dimensional advanced technology. This trend is also taken up by the latest TV manufacturers and they have developed it to satisfy the interest of the TV viewing public.

Stereoscopic images are definitely high quality and help the viewers watch their favorite programs, play their favorite TV games, and enjoy movies. The experience of watching TV in this technology is similar to that of watching 3D movies in the theater. Specially designated glasses are used to make the blurry images appear clear to the naked eyes. These glasses are fitted with filters in their lenses which does the function of bringing together the images and juggle up the stereoscopic vision. This is the technique how the depth illusion is created.

The more advanced versions use the lenticular technique or technology whereby; there is no need to use the glasses to enjoy the 3 D effect while watching TV. This version is very expensive than the conventional ones.

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