Seven Ways to Improve Your Life with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has always been considered a futuristic idea, but its roots date back to the 20th century, when the “father of virtual reality”, Morton Heilig, patented a new device known as Sensorama Simulator. The researcher called the device “The Experimental Theatre”. This item was a starting point for the further development of applications that use computer-generated images, which are overlaid on the real surrounding to produce the desired effect. Since the time of the first introduction, the technology has affected different spheres of human activity. Let’s talk now about seven ways to improve the quality of your life with augmented reality.

1.    City Exploration

Do you find yourself in a strange surrounding somewhere abroad and do not know where to go? AR apps may help you find your way. These applications may show you where to go and what objects are found around you.

They also have the category filter option, which makes it possible to find that very object you currently need, be it a café, a restaurant, a hotel or a museum. The program will recommend you a more preferable route. This is much more convenient and effective as compared to using GPS navigators.

2.    Museums

Are you in a museum? Depending on its location, you may benefit from uploading and using special augmented reality applications that will give you a hint on what paintings or objects to pay attention to. This may sound unreal, but such applications already exist, although, they may not be so widespread and popular as three-dimensional programs.

3.    Shopping

Augmented reality can make it possible to look through the interactive virtual catalogues of apparel and accessories offered by the world-famous brands. In some cases, it is even possible to wander through the virtual shops or make purchases there. According to the representative of the Goldrun Company, Vivian Rosental, “augmented reality can notably improve the whole perception of commerce and shopping by changing habitual places like parks and airports into real trade centers”.

This is a perfect way for people to save their time and avail the improved shopping experience, while companies get the opportunity to save money at renting offices. Such AR applications, however, do not exist everywhere, but reputable companies like AppReal thoroughly work on their development.

4.    History, Education and Traveling

If you are looking for a cheap travel offer or just wish to have good time during the weekend, augmented reality offers a perfect option as well! Using the technology, you can “virtually build”, let’s say, the Eiffel Tower or the Tower of Pisa, and organize a virtual excursion around these objects. This is a nice way to have good time and find out more interesting facts about the world popular places of interest. This is also a nice educational tool for the kids.  Such AR apps can be used at home and at school. Teachers can make use of them to improve the knowledge of pupils, making the material both entertaining and easy to remember.

5.    Customer Support Servicing

No one likes to call to customer support centers, because this is often a waste of time and effort. You have to wait for the attention of a specialist for a long time just to be left without an answer to your question. Using AR apps, you can get standard instructions on how to behave in a situation you find yourself in. These instructions may come with virtual support of experts to improve the effect.

6.     Safety and Rescue Operations

The efficacy and value of augmented reality applications may go far beyond entertainment or everyday activities. These apps may be developed to help specialists save human lives during the rescue operations. Rescuers often find themselves in chaotic situations, facing urgent necessity to find the right route to get to people in the shortest time possible. Isn’t that crucial to have virtual maps of an object with all the surrounding details in those locations they are in? As of today, such technologies are not widespread, but their implementation in the field is of vital importance and may help save human lives.

7.    Home Interior Design

There is nothing worse than purchasing new furnishings to find out that there is not enough place for them in your dwelling. Meanwhile, such situations are not rare and people face lots of problems associated with them. Now, imagine the situation, when you are given a chance to design your home interior long before you actually go shopping or start the remodeling process. Such brands as IKEA have already started experimenting with augmented reality applications and ways of their implementation in the manufacturing process.

To some extent, the opportunities mentioned above seem unreal, but many companies have already started developing them. Hopefully, the technology will be available in different fields in the nearest future, changing the quality of our life for the better.

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