Save Your Relationship – Can Online Webcam Sex Be Good For A Marriage?

Are you ‘addicted’ to online webcam sex? Do you surf adult websites regularly? Do secretly meet girls through online Chatrooms? Do you feel you have to ‘sneak out’ to strip bars when you have an urge? Is all this because your spouse or girlfriend becomes offended by your sexual behavior?

A large portion of men in our society feel their sexual desires are restricted by their significant others (SO) because their SO feels it is inappropriate for their man to desire other women. This creates significant relationship conflict between a man and a woman. One side of the relationship is dictating to the other what is acceptable and what is not. If a man feels his SO is not fulfilling his sexual needs, desires, wants, while simultaneously dictating her wishes or demands, he will seek it out elsewhere no matter what the ‘it’ is. This creates the need to ‘sneak out’ of the house to a pub or strip bar in order to fulfill those pent up desires. Another means of release can be found on the internet in online webcam Chatrooms. 

Three primary reasons couples divorce:

  1. Family; In-Laws
  2. Finances; Money Stress
  3. Sex

The three reasons are not in any specific order but, Sex is one of the three primary reasons couples divorce. What if that was the only issue between couples? What if the man had a great relationship with his In-laws and vice versa? What if the couple was financially sound with plenty of income to meet all their financial obligations? Sexual conflict between couples is strong enough to override the other two reasons and cause a split. How great would life be for a couple to remove the sexual issue and concentrate on the other two?

How does a couple go about alleviating the problem of sex without offending the other? Communication. This is usually not the man’s best attribute in a relationship. Most men are wired to fix things with our hands, not our minds and mouths. This is where open discussions pay a valuable role between a man and a woman. The woman needs to understand why her man is doing the things she disapproves of. This is difficult because that means looking to herself as the problem. The man needs to understand it is hard for a woman to point the finger at herself, just as, it is difficult for a man to do the same. Beginning the dialogue can be the most difficult step in this process but, to fix something you have to begin somewhere.

So, to the original question of “Can online webcam Sex be good for a marriage?” Yes. Once the dialogue begins between couples, the man argues his side and the woman argues her side (I do not refer to argue as a negative form of discussion). The man states his sexual frustration with the woman. He argues that he is visiting strip bars or surfing online webcam sites, to meet girls who will satisfy his sexual needs, not to replace his SO.

He may or may not realize that he is also getting relationship dialogue with his webcam model giving, offering him an additional release other than sexual. He can discuss things openly with a webcam model which he cannot discuss with his SO. Also, a chatroom, webcam hostess does not have a desire to meet clients face-to-face making them a virtual reality never to have human contact with any of their ‘customers’. The sex a man has with online women is no different than a man pleasing himself with adult magazines or watching a DVD. These are the points that men can rehearse with one of his ‘girls of choice’ before engaging in the real conversation with his SO. If a woman wants to repair, save a relationship with a man, she should understand that an online webcam model could be her best ally and not feel threatened by her presence in the couple’s relationship.

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