Saas Can Become A Savior Of Traditional Software?

With the deepening of the Internet wave, the traditional software industry began to face the biggest crisis since its birth. In the shared spirit of mapping, many old traditional software, such as Kingsoft to the transition, but still remain in the traditional software industry, companies are starting to change my thinking, if swallowed most likely be the fate of the Internet. And

SaaS There is no doubt that the savior of traditional software.

Software as a service, perhaps easier said than done but can be really difficult. How to break the bottleneck of traditional software do? Has already begun for many companies trying to SaaS, this fact has been so that they are entangled. SaaS providers are often too focused on software development, and network resources

Management Relatively weak results in the past time, to waste a lot of money to buy servers and bandwidth infrastructure, but provide very limited number of users. This makes SaaS originally assumed the traditional software industry model of Christ has therefore been ignored.

And cracked the key to this point has been opened, the SaaS combined with the cloud computing to the “China Computer Newspaper” product evaluation was ranked first in the 800 passengers, its commitment to provide customers with Platform-as -a-Service (PaaS) management automation platform, the core of products, services and solutions to software to online and flexible way available to users. By SaaS cloud computing model by upgrading to PaaS, successfully broke through the bottleneck.

Same time, the economic crisis is an opportunity, a growing number of enterprises have increased their efforts to use the speed of SaaS services. Enterprises are cost considerations, so that will be driven by CEO

IT Managers and CIO cloud computing applications to quickly, and SaaS can cloud computing service for enterprises from purchase, install, update and maintain the company’s cost of the equipment costs, directly through the online software using text, tables, calendars and other applications to maximize the lower operation cost.

The first to enter the SaaS cloud computing is very effective to achieve a breakthrough in a crisis, like the 800 passenger and now has China Mobile, China Unicom, Global IELTS, Kingsoft, Alcan, China Life, Kingship science and technology, domestic and international well-known corporate clients, has set a benchmark in the field of SaaS users of its products will naturally be slightly better. And its many customers began to try and work together to explore the deeper cloud computing solutions, 17, the dynamic growth of the forthcoming business success – cloud computing solution exchange, a collection of many hoping to crack the SaaS and cloud computing

Financial Winter troubled companies, quite exciting. It is said Ni Guangnan, Tian and other IT industry bigwigs will attend the meeting, is looking forward to this meeting.

But, again, can not be ignored, now in the SaaS cloud computing applied on top of a lack of systematic, more just to stay on top in the concept, Gartner predicted cloud computing might be in 7 years to become a fully mature the mainstream of IT solutions. The traditional domestic enterprises, on the basis of how cloud computing to achieve breakthrough in SaaS, there are greater expectations.

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