Part (2). A journey to make to get past St Peter at the gates?

Part (2)

About the self-referral Laws of Nature & the untapped spiritual Self.

 Ever creating ever changing in this interaction supreme

Beautiful vibrations of energies that should constitute our dreams

 Q: Okay Alf we give in, what are the spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature?

A: In one aspect, they are creative divine energies that are an active manifestation of the inactive uninvolved transcendent Absolute intelligence of the Creator, self-referral spiritual laws responsible for creating ‘order out of chaos’ & ‘coherence’ in Creation. Because Absolute intelligence or God, is pure abstract silence, beyond doing anything in Its transcendent un-manifest uninvolved domain; even though It is the architect of Creation & the be-all and end-all of Creation and everything in it. A paradox that is not understood or even contemplated in most Religions, because that ‘silent’ source of Creation has to be uncovered, experienced & cultivated into human thought to solve that paradox. Not endlessly talked about, debated about, written about, imagined about or knocked on the head by the opposition in the detention room.

Explanation: The transcendent field of absolute consciousness, is the silent home of the divine Laws of Nature and has to be progressively infused into our existing unexpanded primordial structure of physical consciousness for it to become a known and lived non-delusional reality. When that transcendent field of Creation is absorbed and assimilated into our physiology & mind through the application of an intoned mantra, the self-referral Laws of Nature become enlivened in our physiology & thought process. Therefore, those creative spiritual energies also become enlivened in the primordial archetypal intelligence that orchestrates life & its biology, genes, chemistry & personality. To then restore order where there is human created chaos in the primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence that physical life and its biology has manifested out of. A primordial process that our existing structure of consciousness and its thought and created reality is trapped in.

Clarification: When human thought is captured by a Mantra during the practice of transcendental meditation, the mind & physiology automatically connects with the transcendent source of Creation and the pure creative-intelligence of the spiritual Laws of Nature. As a interactive unifying result, the divine function of those eternal energies begin to influence and guide our conscious thought & creativity positively, intuitively and spiritually up the ladder of consciousness. That transcendent accomplishment, becomes the active divine intelligence of the silent abstract Creator vibrating through our unconscious untapped spiritual Self. A spiritual accomplishment that automatically compliments the interactive primordial archetypal intelligence of Nature that underwrites life and its biology. An accomplishment that can never be dissolved, not even in death.

From a spiritual perspective & descriptive, we could further define that spiritual archetypal intelligence as the primordial gods of almighty Nature. That are not to be confused with the divine Gods of almighty Nature and two separate yet connected functions & dimensions of almighty Nature to process evolution. One is the lower impersonal primordial house of Nature that structures the physiology of life, one is the upper divine house of Nature that structures the spiritual essence of life. With different terms of reference & power in Creation governed by the Laws of Nature & underwritten by Cosmic Law. With the continuing twice daily culturing of Absolute Intelligence into the physiology through the practice of transcendental meditation, the individual mind & its created I (self) begins to identify with & eventually become, the qualities of the spiritual Self functioning out of divine spiritual consciousness and not primordial ego consciousness. Along with finding a personal lasting joy, contentment, happiness, bliss & silence, that are Absolute qualities that manifest out of transcendental meditation and its simple practice.

Clarification: Then we begin to realize the spiritual Self, as a permanent never changing silent reality underlying the physical mind & its constant activity and created self. To see action in inaction and inaction in action, sums up the experienced reality of the spiritual Self. In that acquired Absolute abstract silence, we lose our individual physical created self and its dissolvable reality, to eventually cultivate & become our spiritual Self and its eternal reality & divine potential. That evolutionary step and its accomplishment, is called spiritual enlightenment. Where the individual mind becomes spiritually connected to the active Cosmic Mind of the Creator and its Universal potential. A divine potential that contains all the building blocks of physical & spiritual Creation, along with the self-referral Law of Nature that govern the primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence that life has arisen out of.

Note: This untapped creative potential located in the human mind, is the composite Cosmic Mind of almighty Nature and its spiritual computer processing the divine plan of unstoppable evolution. A spiritual reality that does not exist (note Science) until we create the means for it to exist in our dissolvable physical intelligence & biology. Human intelligence that is currently functioning out of unexpanded primordial processed ego consciousness and its physical only reality at this point of our species evolution. That is where transcendental meditation comes into the story line of evolution to enable us to create/accelerate/accept and intuitively live its spiritual reality. Then we can prove it by living it, not before.

Explanation: Transcendental meditation compliments everything in Creation and especially the composite Cosmic Mind; the progenitor of life and the status quo intelligence of physical & spiritual Creation. This is the miracle of transcendental meditation, in one simple action of thought resting on a vibration called a mantra, we unknowingly transcend physical & spiritual Creation and compliment the whole of Creation in its unifying action. A process that is called a Yagya in the Sanskrit Vedic Scriptures of ancient India, the birthplace of spiritual enlightenment and its Vedic knowledge.

Clarification: Yagya is an action (e.g. ceremony) that supports life and evolution and accelerates spiritual growth in life with its ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence. Transcendental meditation, is the number one self-administered Yagya of all Yagya’s (actions) to perform to accelerate our spiritual evolution and its simple practice is open to all human beings. No one is exempt, not even commercial television executives driving us potty with saturated promo’s & ads or Scientists in their experimental ‘divorced from nature’ laborotoriums and underground atom bunkers. Currently both upsetting finger pointing St Peter with the heavenly keys, for turning us into product zombies & re-arranging life & the atom without an Upstairs issued licence…according to Stephen, son of Alfiewhatsitallabout?

About life, miracles, spiritual phenomena, the Laws of Nature and the Cosmic Mind:

Depending on the plus or minus karmic qualities of the human being, the spiritual Self occasionally wafts in and out of the structure of ego consciousness and, because the spiritual Self contains pure-creative potential linked to the Laws of Nature & the composite intelligence of the Cosmic Mind, we have the invisible catalyst for unexplained miracles that happen on occasions in our lives. It is very simple to accept spiritual phenomena, once we understand the existence of spiritual Creation & the Cosmic Mind that underlies and underwrites physical Creation. Because that status quo composite spiritual Intelligence, is the progenitor, creator and giver of life. Therefore, not the science laboratory or the media, science fiction books, glossy product magazines, commercial television or the lifeless electronic computers of mankind, but out of the spiritual interactive Cosmic Computer of the Cosmic Mind structuring the evolution of life & Creation.

Explanation: The composite Cosmic Mind is the status quo intelligence of physical & spiritual Creation. With the active input of divine Nature and its self-referral laws, it then becomes almighty Nature containing & processing the evolution of everything that exists. It is the divine spiritual Laws of Nature in different modes of self-referral function, that also govern, process & balance the archetypal intelligence of primordial Nature that in turn, manifests as the organised primordial biological intelligence that life is created out of. At a divine spiritual level of consciousness within the hierarchical workings of almighty Nature, those creative energies could be called Angels…or what ever the human being wishes to interpret them to be. Either way, they are pure eternal energies of vibration (also evolving) in spiritual creation…their birthplace. Self-referral spiritual energies operating and intermingling with different expression within different planes (dimensions) of existence that constitutes the totality of this evolving Creation. A physical & spiritual interactive totality underwritten by Absolute intelligence and processed by the composite intelligence of the Cosmic Mind….God’s gods.

In one aspect, the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature manifest as the first creative substance of manifested Creation called sattva, rajas & tamas; the three self-regulating gunnas (strands of creative vibration) of prakritti (almighty Nature) in the Vedic scriptures. In another manifested aspect, they constitute the Laws that create ‘order out of chaos’ in the interactive negative & positive archetypal spiritual intelligence of primordial Nature. In another aspect, they manifest as the science uncovered Laws of Physics, that derive their existence and physical permanence from that manifestation in physical Creation. In another aspect, they are the invisible spiritual intelligence that structure balance & coherence in our biological human intelligence, physiology & consciousness. In another aspect, they are the Laws that process our on-going physical and spiritual evolution through the ‘cause & effect’ of human created karma. In yet another divine aspect, they intermingle with the physical substance and the spiritual essence of the human being, creating the means for what is known as miracles. Spiritual phenomena that is initiated by the creative activity of the human mind and the spiritual Self. It is the human beings creativity, desire, thought and karma influencing the spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature, that is the cause of what we call miracles…not uninvolved God, but a manifested active aspect of God’s intelligence in Creation…as is everything in Creation.

About positive human created miracles & about negative human created miracles:

Comprehend the negative & positive poles of Creation, are two separate opposing poles of activity in Creation that are merged into the activity of every physical atom…and therefore the atoms that makeup our biology. In basic understanding, one pole is responsible for creating matter one pole is responsible for dissolving matter. Those opposing poles and their archetypal content, should also operate in perfect symmetry, coherence and Cosmic (universal) balanced interaction with each other. But, it is the human being (individually & collectively) and its negative creativity and actions that do not support life & its evolution, that has the karmic power (influence) to usurp the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature and unknowingly cause malfunction on ‘every’ level of interactive Creation. Of which physical Creation, is but one interactive interconnected evolving dimension of its whole…note incomplete Science. With only half the information of life & creation up on their Science blackboard…the physical part, not the spiritual part?

Note: A human created ‘cause & effect’ malfunction that appears in the physical substance of life as chaos, disorder & disease. We could also call that destructive devolution result a human created miracle, but a no no human created miracle in the perfect workings of interactive Nature that underwrites life. So in logic, if we have the human creative power to create life destructive no no devolution miracles in Nature’s negative interactive workings, then we must also possess the creative power to create life & evolution supporting yes yes miracles in the positive interactive workings of almighty Nature. When we culture Absolute intelligence into our physiology out of the practice of transcendental meditation, then we automatically function out of the positive pole of Creation with our thoughts, desires, creativity & karma to create a potential for positive yes yes miracles to arise in almighty Nature’s interactive workings – got it?

Comprehend everything we do from thinking to physical activity, creates & sets up waves of karmic vibration. Those karmic waves of human ‘cause & effect’ form influence, influence that enters the spiritual workings of Nature to interact with the duel primordial archetypal intelligence that life has manifested out of. Influence that becomes artificial intelligence (a life force) evolving upon itself in Nature’s creative workings as karmic perpetuated entities. Thus human created karma, touches & influences everything evolving in Creation. Because everything is related to everything in Creation, it is all interactive in its spiritual component that physical creation manifests out of…is born out of.

We have also stated out of logic, that our dissolvable physical human intelligence has obvious limitations. It is limited by its dissolvable biology; physical biological created attributes that dissolve at death. Therefore, if we wish to evolve further up the ladder of conscious evolution, then we have to evolve to our spiritual Self that, in one of its subtle aspects of existence, forms a temporary replica of our existing physical body while we are alive. That spiritual Self, has the potential of positive yes yes miracles linked to the pure creativity of the self-referral Laws of Nature in all its configurations & manifestations that function through life. A spiritual Self that has the total intelligence of Creation latent within its divine essence underwritten by Absolute intelligence…the transcendent source of Creation and everything in it. In mathematical jargon, the un-manifest Absolute eternal prime factor of Creation that all other manifested Relative dissolvable factors are derived from and sourced to.

According to the ego decommissioning section of the boot camp manual, we have to start at the bottom of this spiritual ladder and work up it. Therefore we should not expect this evolutionary step into another structure of consciousness and its reality to happen over night. Firstly, as adults, we have place the ego into neutral and acquire some humility (and not big bucks, gongs & immature adulation) and grow up all over again in the spiritual classroom to create its miracle, whether we like it or not…note the privileged top end of town. Who are creating, directing & powering the realities (ideologies) that this civilization has to live out of. Along with creating its destiny & direction that the vast majority have no say or power in, they only think they do at the ballot box and in the media. Sorry about that ego denting wooden spoon stirring revelation to those in charge, who are taking us all in the wrong direction to reach heaven with their idea of what constitutes progress…especially in politics, big business, science, entertainment and the media.

Note: So growing-up applies to the top end of town as well as the disenfranchised powerless bottom end of town in this spiritual ball game and almighty Nature is the referee. The divine intelligence that underwrites primordial Nature is that referee. The status-quo supreme intelligence of the Cosmic Mind is that referee. The self-referral Laws of Nature are that invisible referee that the top end of town know nothing about. Those active manifestations of the Creator are all that referee, but not the Creator. Because uninvolved God is pure abstract transcendental acquired silence, beyond everything in Creation yet accepting everything in Creation….including the ‘got it wrong’ human beings amassing in the boot camp rehab detention room.

More ego decommissioning in the top end of town:

The accumulating negative karmic influence that we are creating out of our ego driven, greed & material consumed synthetic polluting realities, is not harmonious to the spiritual intelligence that underwrites and processes evolution; evolution that is governed by Cosmic Law…not human law. Those in the exclusive driving seat of progress, need to understand that physical Creation is created for expansion & evolution…positive expansion & evolution. Therefore expansion & evolution meant for the whole and not just the privileged part where society and civilization is concerned. Because that is how the Cosmic Mind & the Laws of Nature structuring the evolution of everything in creation works…for the whole and not the part. When our human created ideologies and their lived realities do no incorporate and contain that spiritual function in their expression, then as a individual, as a society, as a civilization we undermine & stagnate our spiritual evolution and undermine the purpose of evolution without realising it.

Clarification: If we want to create the miracle of spiritual accomplishment in our lives, then those in charge downstairs have to acquire the Upstairs means to intuitively function for the good of the whole and not the part with their gifted intelligence & acquired power. Because where the born gifted few lead, the not born gifted many are instinctively compelled to follow…as the opportunistic commercial Media & marketing geniuses know well and exploit for all its worth in society. Its pied piper phenomenon, is called ‘follow the leader’ in the workings of primordial Nature and the animal kingdom. A natural phenomena that is a survival instinct at work in a social species and not meant to be abused by clever but dysfunctional opportunistic sociopaths, now entrenched in big corporate private enterprise business and writing its manual of ‘how to succeed in business’ and make money without a conscience.

When we practice transcendental meditation, we automatically connect with the whole & not the part with its action. Therefore, we automatically begin to function for the whole and not the part with our thoughts, deeds, creativity, lived ideologies & actions without thinking about it. Whereas, it is not possible to function automatically for the good of the whole in the primordial structure of ego consciousness and that primordial structured ego consciousness, is where those in the driving seat of progress are creating progress out of with their gifted intelligence, creativity and acquired power.

Note: A material progress that contains no spiritual understanding of what underwrites life & Creation, no understanding of what makes us tick in the primordial mind department as human beings, no understanding of the divine spiritual component of life, no understanding of the damage we are inflicting on Creation out of our all-consuming material driven big buck underwritten progress. A blind progress that is unknowingly creating a no no miracle to arise out of its accumulating negative karmic influence polluting the interactive workings of almighty Nature. Because as we sow so do we reap in the interactive workings of Nature, it is programmed that way in its Cosmic computer to allow life to evolve & create progress, not to destroy itself with its evolution & progress.

Repeated clarification: Comprehend everything we do from thinking to physical activity creates & sets up waves of karmic vibration. Those karmic waves of human ‘cause & effect’ form influence, creative influence that enters the spiritual workings of Nature to interact with the duel primordial archetypal intelligence that life has manifested out of. Influence that becomes artificial intelligence (a life force) evolving upon itself in Nature’s primordial workings as karmic perpetuated entities that influence life for good or for bad. Thus human created negative & positive karma, touches everything evolving in Creation with its creative ‘cause & effect’ influence. Because everything is related to everything in Creation, it is all interactive in its spiritual component that physical Creation manifests out of…is born out of.

Explanation: Cataclysmic rectification, is a Upstairs programmed automatic function of the Cosmic Mind when ordained evolution and life stagnates. It is the direct result of the collapse of the self-referral function of the spiritual Laws of Nature to create and maintain order out of chaos in Nature’s primordial physical workings…and therefore in life. Comprehend as human beings with the unique gift of conscious freewill and creativity as co-creator, we cannot keep trashing, polluting, degrading and abusing Nature and this Planet and exploiting it to acquire material wealth and so-called success in life. Along with doing what we like and how we like in Society because we have acquired the fame, big bucks, public acclaim, immature adulation & primordial power (but not the divine power) to do so…note the out of control self-serving commercial media, entertainment brigade and big greedy business upsetting St Peter with the heavenly keys big time. We should understand that this Creation, this Universe, this Planet, is also the potential of heaven. It is only the ‘got it wrong’ creativity of mankind and the accumulating destructive ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence out of its creativity, that prevents it from being so.

Clarification: No other life form does the amount of destructive damage to this living shared planet than we, as a supposedly intelligent species blindly inflict on it out of our so-called progress. Thus on ourselves also in the ‘as we sow so do we reap’ interactive workings of almighty Nature. Therefore it is time to understand what makes Creation & life tick and grow up and not down in the divine scheme of evolution and create a positive yes yes miracle with our unique creativity. Because accumulating negative karmic influence in the form of destructive entities, is reaching ‘critical mass’ in the Cosmic computer and polluting its primordial programs that underwrite & orchestrate life and its evolution. This karmic triggered terminating equation and its human created no no miracle, stems solely from out of the negative not life-supporting ideologies, lifestyles & ‘got it wrong’ creativity of human beings. From out of human created realities & lived ideologies devoid of respect for life, devoid of respect for Nature, devoid of dignity, humility, unity, equality, social, moral and ethical considerations. Spiritual qualities that have become trampled on in the accelerating greed & ego driven material consumed affairs of this decaying civilization…note big greedy corporate business & piggy banks in the driving seat?

Comprehend nothing else is responsible for stuffing-up the primordial workings of the lower house of Nature, but our ‘got it wrong’ human created systems that do not compliment life & evolution, but unknowingly stagnate it. This human created delusion we are calling progress, has nothing to do with the divine intelligence of Nature and its spiritual structured progress one little bit. It is blind human progress that is degrading, polluting, stagnating and destroying this living evolving planet and our species spiritual evolution in the process. Therefore, it time to re-program our material consumed ego driven unexpanded minds and create a yes yes miracle to neutralize that no no miracle, through understanding and practicing transcendental meditation and acquiring our spiritual Self and its divine potential as human beings. End of Alf’s commercial shock jock inspired detention room rant and time for a cup of tea.

New subject on the detention room blackboard:
Deep sleep…peaceful sleep…gentle sleep…blissful sleep…natural sleep, are the realms of Abstract intelligence that underwrites our biological human intelligence. Not many adults in the adrenaline pumped fast lane…and increasingly children following them, have access to this deep quality of sleep anymore. Along with the coherent attributes & spiritual values that come out of it processed by the Laws of Nature. According to Alf’s investigation, it is unquestionably due to the accumulating negativity in the primordial spiritual workings of this planet that orchestrate physical life and its biology and our primordial structure of consciousness.

Q: Where has that saturation of negative ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence that undermines the Laws of Nature come from, self-referral laws that organise deep sleep to rejuvenate the biology of life?

A: You guessed it, the human being. To be more precise, from out of the destructive creativity, lifestyles and lived ideologies of mankind that do not support the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature. That do not support the purpose of evolution, but degrade & stagnate it.

Note: Thus enter a dysfunctional society/civilization in psychological and social self destruct mode without realising it. Enter irrationality, social disorder and spiritual decay in society. Enter illogical statements from powerful intelligent people on the world stage. Enter double speak, endless waffle and hypocrisy in those that govern and administrate in Nations. Enter growing delinquency, anarchy, criminal activity, ambivalence and intolerance in society, enter sexual degradation and corruption of human dignity. Enter nervous exhaustion and depression in the human being. Enter attention deficiency disorder in our children, that is then treated with the intelligence of Science –namely, saturated synthetic drugs & pills. That have also become recreational drugs & pills in our entertainment, Hollywood & commercial media instructed live life to the full civilization. Consequently more bad news for the self-referral Laws of Nature structuring ‘order out of chaos’ in the primordial biology of physical life.

Because saturated dysfunctional behaviour and synthetic drugs into society, both contaminate the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the spiritual self-referral Laws of Nature permeating in our physical biology & mind…and Science at the moment, is the blind leading the blind. Jumping from one blind experiment to another conducted on other helpless life-intelligence to save the human race from its own created problems. If we continue down this spiritless path of unethical blind indiscriminate experimentation on animals and life to save mankind, then its good night Mr Chips for the human species down the track of time – guaranteed. Because we are polluting the perfect workings of interactive Nature with the saturation of synthetic pills into life. It is time to down tools in the animal and life-rearranging laboratory, until those in Science have expanded their creative gifted minds to understand what makes life tick and what does not make it tick down the track of time & evolution. Then they will intuitively know what not to do in those divorced from Nature synthetic polluting laboratories underwritten by big greedy business, the fly in the ointment?

Returning to the subject of deep sleep and a detention room lecture for ‘got it wrong‘ adults.
A very small child has no trouble connecting with deep sleep and its coherent qualities, for they are innocent. Their delicate minds are crystal clear and for a very short time in their infant life they are free of residual stress. They are with bliss…created through the product of peaceful deep rejuvenating sleep and a harmonious loving home environment…or they should be, note parents? At the moment, the quality of that deep sleep acquired bliss within the family structure, is being challenged and undermined by the destructive karmic influence coming out of communication & entertainment mediums. With a ‘got it wrong’ do what you like, say what you like, act how you like, show what you like and behave how you like ‘freedom of expression’ mantra, especially in the sexual, acting & scriptwriter department. A ego preening mantra that unknowingly takes those intoning it directly to no no land with their spiritual evolution, that ceases to exist because of it.

Note: In particular, pornography masquerading as untouchable art, sexually explicit films, glossy magazines & entertainment for so-called adults…with a karmic screw loose and a narcissistic delusion problem preventing rational thought. Sexual liberation (cough, mutter & splutter), that has come to saturate the collective consciousness of this civilization and every nook & crevice of society through the Media, Internet & Movies and ‘got wrong‘ human beings on the Darth & associates devolution blink.

Comprehend sexual degradation and its disrespect for Nature, is the final human straw that breaks the back in the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the Laws of Nature; Laws operating in the primordial archetypal intelligence that orchestrates sexuality & procreation in life. In the positive reasoning processes of a non-deluded mind, it indicates that the spiritual evolution of those promoting it, fuelling it, writing it, starring in it, applauding it and making big bucks out of it, has become lost from the coherent value of the Laws of Nature and become the unwitting tool of a destructive no no entity because of it. That no no human created miracle in primordial Nature’s workings, is very bad news in the departure lounge for those trapped in its negative karmic influence, influence that has claimed their spiritual essence and its evolution without them being aware of it. Sexually degrading karmic influence, is also bad news for the rest of society, especially where the development of a child’s vulnerable growing mind is concerned. Because children do not have to see sexually degrading films, glossy magazines and entertainment to be debilitated by its Media saturated influence. It is contagious karmic influence that enters the primordial workings of interactive Nature to contaminate the archetypal intelligence structuring the biology of human beings…therefore the brain and everything associated with the functions of the brain.

Repeated clarification: Comprehend everything we do from thinking to physical activity creates & sets up waves of karmic vibration. Those karmic waves of human ‘cause & effect’ form influence, creative influence that enters the spiritual workings of Nature to interact with the duel primordial archetypal spiritual intelligence that life has manifested out of. Influence that becomes artificial intelligence (a life force) evolving upon itself in Nature’s primordial workings as karmic perpetuated entities that influence life for good or for bad. Thus human created negative & positive karma, touches everything evolving in Creation with its creative ‘cause & effect’ influence. Because everything is related to everything in Creation, it is all interactive in its spiritual component that physical Creation manifests out of…is born out of.

According to the disgruntled rumblings of the primordial gods, those promoting & eulogising sexual degradation in society, have to report the boot camp detention room and write out (by hand) the following Alf translated rumble ten thousand times to start their rehab and dissolve the Darth delusion causing it. Because it is time to start understanding and implementing the words ‘social responsibility’ and ‘respect for Nature’ if we want to get past St Peter with the keys. ‘The sexual organs & sexuality are sacred and blest to procreate life in pure love that is meant, therefore to compliment Creation and the primordial archetypal intelligence structuring sexuality and procreation -not degrade it & us in the deluded ego preening entertainment instructed process‘. Comprehend all karmic influence out of communication laced with the degradation of human dignity, retards a child’s social, emotional and spiritual growth, especially out of hypocrisy, e.g. ‘its alright for us as adults…but not our children’. It is hypocrisy that enters a child’s delicate innocent mind and sends them in the wrong direction in adult life. Children learn by example, the example of adults most of all. Thus do they become the example we set as adults and as a society.

Explanation: Comprehend in the ‘order out of chaos’ workings of the Laws of Nature, sexuality was never intended to be paraded around the market place to create identity out of and preen the human ego. Or any other Media saturated place as an attention grabber for public consumption & immature adolescent titillation. Or as sexual wares for commercial exploitation and to make money & fame out of…in picture format or any other so-called artistic, product or entertainment format. Comprehend if we wish to progress up the ladder of consciousness as a society, we cannot sexually do what we like, how we like, with who we like in public and call it sexual liberation, freedom of artistic expression and entertainment. It is contagious devolution ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence, that captures the sexually charged undeveloped adolescent mind & destroys the innocence of our children; along with creating psychological disorder in society and destroying its spiritual evolution. Comprehend there is nothing clever or liberating or mature or complimentary to Nature and society about doing and saying what we like in public. It indicates that those trapped in its karmic fuelled euphoric delusion have not grown up…and are very poor example to our vulnerable impressionable children as a negative devolution dead-end result.

Clarification: When we do the right thing by the Laws of Nature, then positive life supporting karmic influence is created out of our activity. That positive influence then helps elevate the consciousness of society as a collective to evolve to higher states of consciousness in life. When we do the degrading, obnoxious, undignified, sexually crude, self-gratuitous ego thing through entertainment, then the converse is true. Society decays and devolution becomes its collective destiny out of its accumulating contaminating karmic influence, influence that captures the adolescent mind, desensitizes the adult & destroys the innocence in our children. Therefore we should always be positive, thoughtful and considerate with our creativity in the public arena. Therefore always be mindful of others and especially children, with our creative expression and its Media saturated input into society. Comprehend that it is only when children reach late adolescence and mature development of the intellect, that they are able to distinguish right from wrong –able to discriminate and separate good from bad, fact from fiction, commercial television from Upstairs television and downstairs Hollywood fantasy from the human brain…in theory anyway?

When we saturate a child’s mind with the dysfunctional creativity, delinquent obnoxious behaviour & unproductive karmic influence of immature adults…via whatever medium, then we take away a child’s innocence & emotional sensitivity, we desensitize the child. We sow negative karmic seeds in their subliminal mind that manifest later in life to negate their happiness and further evolution. Comprehend our human created realities, create ‘cause & effect’ karmic influence that enters the interactive primordial workings of Nature that orchestrate & propel the activity of life. Therefore, the collectively lived realities (ideologies) that we live our lives out of, should always be positive, harmonious and supportive of life, evolution and the Laws of Nature underwriting ‘order out of chaos’ in life & Creation. Then our human created karmic influence and its positive ‘cause & effect’ creative equation, naturally compliments and supports the primordial archetypal intelligence that orchestrates the biology of life and in concentrated format at conception & birth, source the born gifts & talents of human beings that society immaturely worships.

According to cryptic Upstairs insider information passed on to Alf, the impersonal primordial archetypal gods of the lower house of Nature that underwrite the biology of life, have had enough of the human abuse of their gifts that mankind immaturely worships and has become lost in. Having recently lodged an official complaint to the higher Gods of Nature to do something about it and restore sanity to their biological earth turf downstairs. Translated, it means things must have really got out of hand in the human worshiping, ego & narcissistic Hollywood inspired ‘got it wrong’ deluded affairs of mankind for them to lodge a letter of complaint; they usually let human beings do what they like with their intelligence and reap the results down here on terra firma and in the departure lounge. Comprehend positive spiritual evolution of the individual and society, is assured from just the simple observance of life supporting behaviour, creativity & expression in society that compliments the primordial gods (archetypal intelligence) that underwrite our physiology & sexuality…not degrades them. Life free of disease, depression, conflict, unhappiness, dissention, negativity, delinquency, narcissism, chaos, misery, self-gratuitous behaviour, the stretched ego, human worship, delusional euphoria, scriptwriter fantasy, science fiction books, commercial television, glossy magazines, product delusion, celebrity neurosis, saturated promo’s & Darth’s devolution brownie points is a natural outcome…hooray!

Adults often label the creative expression of children as immaturity, silliness, imagination, day-dreaming, childishness, but in Nature’s intelligence, children’s minds are more powerful & creative than adult minds. Their thought and creativity flows without restriction from social inhibitions, residual stress, internal conflict and denial that clutters the subliminal mind of the grown adult. Thus the effect of their powerful creativity and imagination impinges heavily in their innocent vulnerable growing minds. The child also draws inspiration for its creativity & expression from everything around it and especially from the saturated content of communication mediums; notably the television & Internet, that has taken over the family home along with the human mind in our technology saturated civilization. Therefore the content from saturated communication mediums, should never be of negative degrading undignified destructive input. Note actor’s equity, scriptwriters & the equally out-of-control do-what-you-like entertainment/computer games/film/television viewing mediums. That have jumped in bed with the commercial product Media & their marketing geniuses, by keep upping the anti in the dysfunctional obnoxious behavioural department (called entertainment) to capture the increasingly desensitized product pickled attention of the public…and finger pointing St Peter with the keys.

Note: Because visual & verbal violence & sexual degradation, is an absolute psychological no no where a child’s developing innocent mind is concerned. It is trauma that enters the delicate mind of childhood and forms the basis for desensitization & denial. Because a child’s open mind, has the creative ability to instantly block the internal flow of thought & experience laced with trauma. It is this denial protection mechanism of the developing ego, that forms the basis for repression of thought and internal conflict because of its traumatic content. That repressed trauma, then becomes locked in the subliminal mind of the child as unresolved conflict and residual stress unable to be released through conscious thought. It then finds subliminal processed outlet via dysfunctional habituated delinquent behaviour by the child. Behavioural patterns of negative expression that a young child has no control over…simply because in its immaturity and innocence, a child is oblivious to its own nature…as are many entertainment & commercial television desensitized adults.

Trapped residual stress from repressed trauma, also finds outlet through repeating nightmares. The karmic influence causing those nightmares, is negative creative energy (trauma) trapped in the physical matter of the mind and body. As the child grows and the ego develops protective boundaries in the subliminal mind, then those nightmares may well subside. But in fact, the residual stress that caused them, is just locked deeper in the growing mind of the child through the protective ego mechanism of denial. It then becomes permanently locked into the workings of the subliminal mind to negatively effect the conscious actions of the grown adult. It’s deep rooted entrapment, also detrimentally influencing the nervous system and its communication with the whole of the human body…not just the mind. Comprehend the dream state of consciousness, should be the natural healthy outlet, the natural release mechanism for residual stress trapped in the mind & physiology. When it is deep rooted trauma from childhood, this does not happen. As a result, its entrapment becomes a subliminal nemesis debilitating the nervous system, physiology, conscious thought and quality of life of the adult. That also manifest as the growing psychological disorders in mankind – got the light bulb correlation?

It can be said that dream sleep and deep sleep, is Nature’s interactive way of re-creating and reorganising the stressed automated functions of the mind & body naturally…without the use of synthetic science created drugs or night club dancing pole entertainment. In the interactive life-supporting workings of Nature & its laws, if we are not a happy positive human being as a healthy adult, then it is unnatural. Comprehend it is human created imbalance between Nature’s natural environment and its perfect Laws and our human created environment & lifestyle that is the primary cause. Therefore, the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature are not functioning in co-ordination and balance in our physiology. A dysfunctional lifestyle devoid of deep sleep is one cause, deep rooted residual stress is another…there are more. The solution, use the input of regular twice daily transcendental Meditation to dissolve residual stress. Along with addressing/changing the unnatural environment & lifestyle that is preventing Nature’s laws from doing their natural repair job in the mind & body when we are in deep sleep.

When the total physiology is functioning in balance with Nature and its Laws, then the substance and quality of dreaming has the potential to change to experience a different level of consciousness, spiritual consciousness the home of pure creativity. With the development of the spiritual Self out of the regular twice daily practice of transcendental meditation, those spiritual dreams are then able to be understood by the dreamer…and not through the creative interpretation of others. Because with further expansion and integration of the mind, comes the spiritual ability for intuitive correlation and its light bulb experience. A correlation that is a self-referral aspect of the spiritual Laws of Nature becoming active in the mind sourced to the problem solving interactive Cosmic Mind. That intuitive process, is a interactive aspect of divine intelligence functioning out of a further structure of consciousness and its reality. Time for another cup of tea and rest the Alf stressed keyboard, computer & mind of the reader.

New topic on the detention room blackboard…underwritten by a familiar theme:

About dysfunctional politics…and other ‘got it wrong’ human things, the Laws of Nature and acquiring a further structure of consciousness to function out of to solve the devolution problem & dissolve the delusional narcissism & conceit causing it.

If we want to create heaven on this shared planet, then a positive mature unified majority intuitively connected with the Laws of Nature with their consciousness should govern a Nation. Uncontaminated with self-serving Machiavellian plotters & schemers, personal ambition & ego agenda, megalomania, over inflated ego disorder, delusional narcissism, PR spin doctors, political consultants, marketing geniuses, power brokers, media moguls, property developers, private enterprise corporations, big business lobbying and the ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ corrupt donation game. Self-serving devolution activity that also creates negative karmic influence in Nature’s workings; accumulative ‘cause & effect’ influence that corrupts a Governments workings and its public given mandate to govern & legislate. Eventual disunity, disharmony and polarisation in a Nation’s people is the end result. Comprehend there is only positive action out of thought intuitively connected with the self-referral function of the spiritual Laws of Nature. Therefore in that further structure of spiritual acquired consciousness, a Government’s activity will be complimenting Nature’s laws all-of-the-time with its legislative laws & governance. Therefore complimenting the consciousness of those they are governing all-of-the-time and therefore in St Peter‘s good books all-of-the-time…got the correlation?

Repeated theme: Comprehend everything we do from thinking to physical activity creates & sets up waves of karmic vibration. Those karmic waves of human ‘cause & effect’ form influence, creative influence that enters the spiritual workings of Nature to interact with the duel primordial archetypal intelligence that life has manifested out of. Influence that becomes artificial intelligence (a life force) evolving upon itself in Nature’s primordial workings as karmic perpetuated entities that influence life for good or for bad. Thus human created negative & positive karma, touches everything evolving in Creation with its creative ‘cause & effect’ influence. Because everything is related to everything in Creation, it is all interactive in its spiritual component that physical Creation manifests out of…is born out of.

Clarification: In the archetypal workings of primordial Nature and human society, born gifted powerful creative minds create & fuel powerful realities and the ideology that underpins them. Those dissolvable human created realities and their karmic influence, eventually capture the mind and direction of the public through the ‘follow the leader’ workings of primordial Nature…greed is one of them. It is an age old karmic influence (and its devolution entity) that has now captured the collective consciousness of this civilization and fuelling the global economy. This delusion we are calling economic progress, is unknowingly being exacerbated by the Media, that have become the saturated 24/7 inescapable information channel for big business, the stock markets, the piggy banks and all the jet setting millionaire media worshiped celebrities living the greed & product created good life of gross excess & doing what you like down here on terra firma.

Serious stuff on the detention room blackboard, ear plugs recommended:

Greed (along with sexual degradation & human worship) has become a way of life in commercial television saturated Nations, where more of the dysfunctional same proliferates in its adolescent targeted programming, certainly not diversity or professionalism. A way of life reinforced on a daily basis by its Hollywood inspired presentation & delivery, constantly feeding a visual & verbal exalted reference to money, fame, celebrity, acquisition, products and winning in society…also called news & information – ugh! According to more Upstairs insider information passed on to Alf, commercial television and the megalomania & greed powering it…along with the saturated advertising of products, promo‘s & ego’s, is a wrong wrong wrong way of life and, it will lead this civilisation to psychologically self-destruct in its euphoric delusion if we do not do something about it.

Comprehend the first spiritual casualty of the karmic influence of greed, megalomania & sycophantic human worship, is the adult intellect that discriminates reality; that fails to intellectualise, discriminate & reason right from wrong because of its karmic entrapment & delusion. Therefore, to determine what is positive & what is negative to the individual & society where our thoughts, deeds, desires, lived ideologies, actions and television programming are concerned. The second spiritual casualty, is the ability for introspection & self-awareness of our adult actions and what prompts them. Loss of that intuitive ability, leads to a ego & belief-system functioning out of a delusion that psychology has called narcissism. Where the reality of the individual and its ego & created I (self), is beyond question & reproach, beyond considering anything outside of its own created reality, belief system and lived ideology. In that psychological disorder, the spiritual evolution of the individual comes to a grinding halt. To become the final spiritual casualty out of the trilogy of greed, megalomania & narcissism fertilized by the worshiping of human beings…and not the Creator.

Clarification: From a brief spiritual perspective, narcissism is an acute form of debilitating conceit and a obsolete survival mechanism at work in the adult mind. Developed in early childhood & authored to the protective workings of the subliminal ego to prevent the created I (self) from disintegrating. A subliminal process that becomes habituated in adulthood, requiring constant reinforcement from the stimulus of self-esteem for the created I, belief system & reality of the adult to not fragment. When that creative process is damaged in early childhood, notably through emotional deprivation and lack of mature parental love, the fragile mind falls prey to developing debilitating psychological problems that have many labels in psychology, one of them is narcissism. It could also be said, that no one is exempt from narcissism in the structure of ego consciousness, not even psychologists & psychiatrists; a narcissism & conceit that comes in varying degrees of acceptable & unacceptable expression in human society…irrespective of IQ. Therefore, no one is exempt from its delusion creating qualities in the primordial structure of ego consciousness. A mind mechanism (narcissism & conceit), that is dissolved along the path of transcendental meditation and acquiring an integrated mind & ego free of delusion…and all the other psychological disorders that plague & debilitate mankind and prevent spiritual growth.

Example: Comprehend the government rubber stamped contagious reality of consumerism to fuel a Nations economy, has escalated out of control through saturated commercial T.V. advertising and clever but narcissistic deluded minds…especially marketing geniuses sowing unproductive psychological seeds to acquire self-esteem. Accompanied by other Media saturated greed, power & ego driven realities that start in the top end of town and grow, ensnare and capture the collective consciousness of a Nation’s people under the guise of progress. Yes, it is progress, short term gain progress for long term loss progress…with a Darth ticket to the funny farm to go with it. Comprehend the global economy underwritten by consumerism, big bucks, greed, big corporate business & got it wrong governments, is short term gain for us, but long term loss for those who come after us to reap what we have sown with our greed. Because it is progress driven by big bucks & rampant narcissism destroying this planet and the spiritual evolution of its people. A human created reality (the global economy), that has found fertile ground out of the greed manifesto of private enterprise corporate boardrooms, piggy banks, obscene salaries, perks & lurks and deluded minds afflicted with narcissism & megalomania….and Darth‘s brownie points.

Explanation: Through its non-stop media saturation in the family home as news, information & entertainment, the public become brainwashed to accept top end of town created realities as being normal…especially vulnerable children, teenagers & adolescent adults. Understand human created realties and their ideologies are only normal, if they are positive realities & ideologies that compliment life, Nature, evolution and everyone… not just the privileged, the gifted and the media worshiped successful…and 70% of the population are most certainly not privileged or born with the gifts to become privileged. They are synchronized by the karmic influence coming out of those living and pursuing those material greed driven realities in the top end of town. Money making realities that suite their Athenian lifestyle and allow them to live the seven star jet setting gross excess delusional good life, but at the expense of everyone else on the planet and the planet itself. Comprehend those obsessed with making money, acquiring power, winning and acquisition are far from normal, they have lost the plot of life in the euphoric plot of greed and taking everyone else along with them in its contagious delusion. A delusion (karmic influence) that has now captured the collective consciousness of this civilization and its global economy and consumer dead-end destiny.

Clarification: Once a dominant lived ideology and its entity is created in the interactive workings of primordial Nature, then the present generation and future generations are stuck with its plus or minus karmic portfolio. Even if a civilisation dies, the created karmic influence out of its lived ideology returns through karmic affinity to future generations. So do not blame this self-destructive age old problem of greed, megalomania & narcissism…or any human malfunction that perpetually plagues human society, on God or Nature. It is got it wrong mankind that is at fault with its lived ideologies that do not support life, evolution & Nature. As in this big business owned civilization with its out of control global economy fuelled by all-consuming euphoric greed and the misplaced brains of business geniuses and ‘got it wrong’ governments with a heavy dose of narcissism. Money, has become the human created worshiped god that creates all top end of town created progress, a progress driven by greed that has swamped this decaying civilization and stagnated its spiritual evolution.

Detention room definition of economic globalisation.
Control of Nation’s economies, infrastructure, direction and function by big corporate private enterprise business. Namely, trans-national global corporations, piggy banks and equally greed pickled stock market obsessed I’m alright jack shareholders. Who comprise a very small affluent minority in this world aided and abetted by re-election obsessed governments, that are rubber stamping big corporate business and the out of control global economy instead of putting the brakes on it. According Alf’s reading of the tea leaves, economic globalization as a human created lived ideology, is destroying the planet and the future of this civilization out of big business greed and acquisition, because big business and government, is where this age old destructive ‘entity’ of greed has become concentrated and all-consuming in the ‘got wrong’ affairs of the top end of town.

Example: All hands on deck in big business & governments to streamline the recently greed imploded do what you like global economy and crank up production, monopolization, takeovers and sell-offs of public infrastructure overseas and produce even more big bucks in the coffers for the big end of town. All-consuming big corporate business driven directives functioning under the glorious banner of democracy, open slather deregulation, economic rationalization, unstoppable global progress…technological innovation…outsourcing overseas…adapting to the needs of the times…affluence and prosperity for all out of so-called free trade & commerce functioning on a level playing field. A playing field that has become the exclusive members only gold sprinkled hallowed turf of piggy banks, the money markets & big corporate takeover business. The Lord protector of entrepreneurial free enterprise, tall buildings and the money making good life for all the media worshiped winners Note, some of those tall buildings and money making pillars of wisdom have fallen down recently, to no doubt be repeated down the track of time out of the quicksand of ever-lurking euphoric greed in the top end of town.

It is time for all Nations to concentrate on becoming self-sufficient one again where their economies are concerned and bring the global economy back into balance with the Laws of Nature and out of insanity. Comprehend the present greed and power consumed toxic direction, is a doomsday direction – guaranteed. Comprehend it is greed gone into overdrive that is driving the all-consuming all-expanding unstoppable global economy. Comprehend worshiping big bucks, created products, big business geniuses, synthetic polluting technology and economic globalisation, will not evolve anyone towards acquiring spiritual consciousness –quite the opposite. The greed, megalomania & impenetrable narcissism in the driving seat of this out of control all-consuming reality and its lived ideology, leads to a dead-end on the planet and in the departure lounge. Thus end of story for the spiritual evolution of the human species. Because spiritual devolution and a dead-end destiny becomes the product out of economic progress underwritten by greed, megalomania, narcissism & consumerism.

Solution: How to solve the problem and dissolve the narcissism, megalomania, greed, delusion & karmic influence causing it. In fact how to solve all human created problems, because ‘got it wrong’ human beings are where all mankind’s entrenched perpetuated psychological disorders, insoluble problems & chaos come from. Certainly not Nature or the intelligence that underwrites Nature, but out of human intelligence not connected to the order ‘out of chaos’ function of the spiritual Laws of Nature. The intellect is the finest aspect of the thinking human conscious mind and like the ego, everyone has one. When we transcend physical & spiritual Creation in the process/action of transcendental meditation, then the intellect and all the different functions of the human brain become infused with Absolute Intelligence that, believe it or not, created Creation to function in perfection. As a automatic result of that infusion of Absolute Intelligence into our biology, the self-referral perfect function of Laws of Nature also become enlivened in the human brain and physiology. To then restore order where there is chaos and create the means for mankind to also create in perfection. Also called creating heaven on earth in the boot camp spiritual manual.

Clarification of the simple solution:
To dissolve this human created global problem, we learn to meditate correctly twice daily and contribute a positive karmic influence to replace the negative karmic influence we have created out of our got it wrong progress. Then we will all contribute to creating harmony in Nature’s primordial workings that underwrite the biology & expression of life. Along with receiving the support of Upstairs to address our terminating problems…and, there are a lot of them that we are all adding to by NOT listening to ourselves talking and by saying and doing the first negative thing that comes into our heads, whenever someone tells us that we are not doing the right life-supportive socially elevating thing on this planet…note the Media, in all its configurations? 

This ends part (2) of the detention room lectures.

Translation: I think Alf may have trod on a downstairs hornet’s nest with this compilation of words. Oops! here comes the long awaited opposition counter attack with verbal stinging tail & usual expletives. What to do about the retaliatory onslaught from the fuming opposition with gnashing teeth in the detention room? I know, publish them in the newspapers, that should really get them buzzing. Lol. (lots of laughter, from this end.Time for Alf to meditate, before he gets into trouble from the Upstairs gods for excessive ego bashing in the human controlled domain of the impersonal primordial gods downstairs.

 Kind regards – Alf.

CEO of spiritual Boot Camp. Located

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