Nba 2k8 Preview

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NBA 2K8 marks the second iteration of the franchise on the next generation consoles. Unlike last season, the cover athlete on this year’s video game is New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul. Visual Concepts and 2K games does a brilliant job at making realistic basketball games. The artificial intelligence is as superb this year as it was in NBA 2K7. Since NBA 2K8 is a basketball simulation, you have to adhere to the rules of the NBA. Players will act exactly like their real life counterparts. From Shaq missing free throws to Dwayne Wade attacking the rim, it is all in NBA 2K8. Novice basketball fans will more likely than not be floundering with this game; however, NBA 2K8 will be made for devoted basketball fans. The artificial intelligence is no push over. Do not expect that anyone can drive towards the hole and get to the free throw line.
Playing erratically will cause you to turn the ball over. Defenses will alter their style to accommodate their opponents. For instance, defenses will double team Shaq leaving Dwayne Wade open for a wide open jumpshot. Realism will no doubt be the name of the game in NBA 2K8. Players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will make spectacular plays. Conversely, Tim Duncan will be immensely boring as hell to watch. A new slam dunk contest will definitely be a welcome addition. NBA 2K8 is scheduled to be available for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The 2K series has always been a dribble ahead of the NBA Live series, and they look to continue that trend this year. NBA 2K8 is slated for an October 2, 2007 release date.

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