Managing Openstack with Linux

Openstack is an interlaced podium for enhanced Web Development. Rather than using Windows and other OS, Linux is the best supported platform for managing Openstack. Along with authenticated Linux Certification, professionals can excel in the field for Openstack management.

Linux is the most customizable and economical operating system available in the market. The icing on the cake is that this amazing operating system can be availed for free. Well, open source is the term that is generally used to describe the free versions of Linux. There are several other operating systems and servers as well, which offer free customization, defining, development and management. Few of them are Apache and mySQL.

These open sources operating systems and servers have given a tremendous elevation in the field of IT development, as the consumers and the developers, both are free to turn their imaginations into reality. One of the latest addition to the list of open sources is Openstack, which has bright a tremendous evolution in the cloud computing.

Openstack comprises of two parts. One is based on Backspace’s Cloud Files which is known as “OpenStack Object Storage”. This project is constituted at While the second part is based on Nebula cloud computing developed by NASA and Rackspace cloud computing. These two projects give the opportunity to create personal clouds which can be operated and managed using Linux.

Hence, it’s always recommended to get Linux certification if the professionals are looking forward towards Openstack. Some of the benefits are as follows:-

A solid proof

A Linux certification from a reputed institution or a company like Red Hat, is always adds to the portfolio of a IT professional. The skills of an expert can be proven via these certifications. Some of the global companies have set up these certificates like Linux+, as their benchmark of qualification.

Increases marketability

Clients often are dragged towards more qualified experts and service providers. Moreover, Linux certified professionals are much higher salary then regular experts.

Enhances the chances of opportunity

Since the Linux certified professionals are much more effective and effective, it is evident that they are more preferred over regular servicemen, for further advancements in various IT fields.

More trusted staff

The trained and certified Linux professionals are regarded as more trustworthy. Companies and IT infrastructures prefer them for thier important projects.

Although, Red Hat offers world class Openstack certification courses for IT professionals. Along with the OpenStack, COSS India teamed up with Red Hat to feature the best Linux training courses. Moreover, COSS India has established infrastructure for RHCE Certification in Bangalore and Hyderabad – The two largest IT hubs in India.

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