Land Battle Guide For Napoleon Total War Section Four

In previous three sections we have learned how to use any type of infantrymen in good way and efficiently. Now any other player or especially the artificial intelligence shall fear our tactics and strength that we field on battle! Let us do a quick remainder about the tactics for each type of infantry. Well line infantry are the most basic style of infantry which you only need to ensure that they lesser ranks in order to get full salvo from more of their units, for that you need space. Light infantry, which are also called as our skirmishers are extreme gunmen, for what which you need to make sure that they do have even more space than the line infantry units. They may go from way ahead of the line infantries, attack from far range than the enemy forces, and retreat, harming them this way. Or could actually deploy stakes and behave as real light infantry where they defend against bullets to a matrix degree, and prevent any cavalrymen from charging them directly. And the elite infantries can also be called elite line infantries which for you can kill the enemy with attrition without fighting them, and use your fire and advance drill, or even maybe luring them into close range, if you have superior melee abilities of course, and attack them in melee. It is time that we have learned a new style of unit. Which are, to start with, the missile cavalry.

Missile cavalry in Napoleonic Total War are actually able to fire when on move. This is an addition which is quite realistic, and also not so like what things were in Empire Total War, where all the missile cavalry needed to stop by, pick targets to shoot. That was quite stupid since a gun can even be fired accidentally on horseback, how come they are not able to fire? However, in Napoleon Total War, they are able to fire, but only in a slower rate, and they have less chances of hitting the target, therefore they have their precision and accuracy lowered. Considering that it require intense skill to be firing a musket that hits the target all the time, this too, is quite realistic. And also that, as all muskets present are muzzle loading muskets that require a new bullet to be inserted and gunpowder pressed on it again, it should take considerable time to reload these muskets. And when you are on horseback, which does not let you set your arm high stable enough to press the gunpowder, it should take even more time. Which evens the things out for missile cavalry.

If only missile cavalry had longer range i wish. That way, they would be intensively accurate units on land battles. With their even range compared to other line infantries, the only tactic you can do with them about shooting on horseback is that of, wandering close around the enemy at all times. And when they are confused, most likely reforming their ranks or moving from right to left or something like that, you should close up and deliver your deadly salvo on them.

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