Jesus' Quantum Teachings – What Are They?

Jesus lived long before quantum physics emerged, but he understood the quantum world. Jesus wasn’t the first spiritual master to reveal the true nature of the universe. Many ancient Eastern philosophies also demonstrate an understanding of recent scientific discoveries.  By letting go of their preconceived notions, spiritual seekers through the ages have opened their minds and allowed the universe to educate them.

Jesus’ quantum teachings can be found in the New Testament gospels and in the recently discovered Christian Gnostic Gospels. These teachings tell a very different story than the doctrines taught by most Christian religions, but it would be foolish to dismiss them on that basis. As we learn more about our universe, doctrines that can’t fit into scientific facts will eventually have to be discarded. Happily, Jesus’ gnostic teachings can stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Jesus ‘gnostic teachings harmonize with the “holographic model” of the universe developed by physicist David Bohm. Bohm compared the visible universe to a hologram. Holograms appear very real, but they’re a projection, a virtual reality. The quantum/subatomic level of the universe is like holographic film: the film is real, but the image projected from it isn’t. In simple terms, the subatomic level of the universe is real, and the material level is a virtual reality. Nothing in our visible world is real.

Jesus knew the visible universe is an illusion. In the Christian Gnostic Gospels, Jesus taught his followers that they were asleep, dreaming a nightmare world of sorrow, sickness and death. He told them he had stopped dreaming, and they could too. We see a world of separate forms, but quantum physicists have discovered that the universe is one interconnected whole. Jesus told his followers they would “wake up” from their illusions when they were ready to remember they are part of that unified whole.

Jesus used miracles to demonstrate that nothing we see is real. He told his followers they were pure consciousness and the bodies they were projecting were an illusion.  Jesus allowed the authorities to “kill” the body so he could teach his followers consciousness could never die.

Jesus told his followers they were aliens living in a place they didn’t belong. Physics tells us the subatomic level of the universe is light. Jesus taught his followers they were from this light, and it was their destiny to return to it. Science will alter our beliefs, but Jesus’ parables and sayings offer fresh and relevant answers to our problems and give new meaning and purpose in our chaotic world.

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