How Fast Can A Skunk Run?

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Skunks are very unique animals.  They have bushy tails, climb trees, dig huge holes to live in, and of course they can spray their musk onto predators to make them smell bad for up to two weeks.  But you may wonder, just how fast can a skunk generally run?  This article will go over the physical aspects of the average skunk and will help to answer the question of how fast skunks can run.

So what’s your guess?  A skunk is an animal at the near bottom of the food chain so can a skunk run fast or does their musk defense system not require them to have that fast of a pace?  Actually, skunks are not that fast of an animal.  The average skunk can run at a speed of ten miles per hour, which is not fast at all for a wild animal.  If you have ever seen a skunk walk or trot you would understand why they cannot run fast.  When they walk they seem to actually wobble back and forth like a penguin does.  This is due in part because they have large rounded bodies over four small stubby legs.

If you think about it a skunk’s legs are used mostly for digging burrows, climbing trees, and getting food in tricky places.  You can make the assumption that in order to have legs that can do all of that you simply cannot add on another feature of running fast.  Based on this you can safely say that skunks spray makes up for the fact that it cannot run fast.  I guess a good point to make is if you can’t run faster than your predators, there’s no need to run fast at all.

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